Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This WEEK! A RockerByeBaby Review!

I feel giving today...
This week... Free RockerByeBaby!

Im giving away a free set of Japanese Kawaii Booger Bashers!!
They are awesome black with pink and turquoise skull and crossbones on it.
Totally unisex so snatch them up!


The listing info :)
So, the boys have a cold...
its horrific... ill spare you the green crusty/slimy details :) haha
But the point here is... their little tiny noses get RAW using tissues...
not to mention were just trashing the environment using a kleenex once and tossing it...

But, I assure you people... there IS a better way...
These have been tested this week...
and I call them Booger Bashers...
known to others here on etsy as Swipers...
They are little mini tissues... about 4 x 6.5 inches...
with JAPANESE IMPORT KAWAII cotton on one side...
and soft and snuggly on the other...
Wipe with whatever side you choose...
Cotton is still plenty soft... or the other side works just as well...
Same idea as a handkerchief... use it... use it... use it... GOO! then WASH IT!!!
No special rules... wash... dry...
Then go off on your hunt for more Boogers that need Bashing.
You get 2 in a pack... now thats alot of BOOGIES!

Leave me a comment with your favorite new stuff in the shop!
So there ya have it! Review will run until Monday!
2 ways to get extra entries!!
*Buy anything from her and leave us an extra comment telling which awesome bunch of things you bought...
(Her stuff is SOOOO affordable, I really hope to hear about some purchases this week!!!)
*Blog, bulletin, twitter, facebook, whatever you can think of... about this review and post the link here for an extra entry!

So - as usual, three possibly entries this week!!

Thanks so much guys!
Enjoy and GOOD LUCK!!


  1. Yay! I love those! I absolutely love the Japanese panda ones more!

  2. I've also twittered about it, but I don't know how to link to it!

  3. OMG! These things are wonderful! Plus, they aren't expensive, making them SOO much more better. I would have to say the Skullfinity black and white one is my fave BOOGER BASHER, after the pink and turquoise skull and crossbones one.


  4. Way cool. Just perfect for a little runny nose I know....

  5. I just wanted to tell you that your stuff is absolutely AWESOME! I especially love your "Weenie Beanies". Absolutely GENIUS!! I haven't bought anything from you yet, but I'm definitely planning on it!

  6. I think my boyfriend could use one of these... yucky!

  7. Those are amazing! My son's nose always get so red and rashy when he has a cold from the tissues!

  8. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&suggest&note_id=76916516361&id=

    this is the link to my post about your awesome line. If it doesnt happen to work because my profile is private my name on Facebook is Tara Geise and I did become a fan so it should work. I have a 5mo old magical little girl named Ava (or LaLa we call her too) who is my world and I so wish I would have found your skullies before I got her crib set. I just love the crib sets, blankets, and booger bashers. She is teething right now so she is soaked in two seconds and those drool rags would come in pretty handy! Hopefully I will be buying some stuff for her very soon. Shes gonna be a lil rocker girl like her mama.

    Thanks for being so cute and creative!!!