Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorites Friday - ITS A GIRL!!

Oh future baby Maddie, I CANT WAIT FOR YOU! (yes Beki, Aymee is having a Maddie too!! They have had girl and boys' names picked FOREVER! The first time I met them, they were talking about it, lol) Anyways... ITS A GIRL!! And boy are you ALL in for a treat... In May there will be a HUGE blog shower for my bestie Aymee... Lots of awesome sellers are already getting in on the fun! For every gift that Aymee gets, were giving one away! So LOTS & LOTS of prizes... but for now... its favorites friday... so heres my wish list for my baby girl  Aymee's baby girl... Maddie.
(click to zoom in... i promise... even cuter close up!)

#1: RaeGun - Rocker Hot Pink Ruffle Diaper Cover (hmm... just MAYBE you will see a prize from RaeGun at the shower... *wink wink WINK*
#2: CushyTushyDesigns - Rock N Roll Princess hair clips
#3: JewliasCloset - Bad to the Bone Princess Chucks
#4: WeeCaboodles - Blackie
#5: RockerByeBaby - OF COURSE aymee will have one of these, haha
#6: FarrahsFancies - Shes a Spunky Princess hair clippies
#7: SarahSewta - JoJo Jr Minky Boo Boo Pack
#8: Shkoof - Pink Skulls SugarBabyLove
#9: Babyeliza - Punk Ballerina Tutu

FEATURED SELLERS! PLEASE get in touch with me if your interested in being a part of the HUGE blog baby shower. It will be great advertisement! Contact me for more info via etsy (RockerByeBaby) or email: We love your products and we would love to have you join in!


  1. oh. my. goodness! I think I just died from all the cuteness!!!! love everything!!! all the cute lil skulls are simply adorable!! <3

  2. Amazing!! Loads of ideas for a baby girl!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Bad to the Bone Chucks was a great honor :)

  4. oh my gosh, they are all so stinking cute! thanks for including my little bottoms