Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't be a POSER!

Everyone knows posers shop at Hot Topic...
well, posers and me... sometimes... yeah yeah... say what you will...
my point is, its time to grow up...
and support the diy/handmade punk rock style...
start here!

Not only do they have some super rad Belt Buckles...

But they have some of the coolest baby tee's Ive ever seen!

I absolutely fell in love with Zombabie tee...
cuz well... we all love Zombabies :)
I actually happen to have TWO of them!! But thats for another blog...
MonsterBuckles has been generous enough to send over a couple of these shirts.
Not the onesies like shown, but black ribbed tanks (like the first photo)
They are super rad and PERFECT for summer... size 2t.
Perfect for the toddler! Or... mommy to wear as... well... a sports bra? haha
Theyre awesome screened quality... the real deal...
if it wasn't so poser-ish...
they should TOTALLY be hanging on the walls at hot topic.
Do ya want one?
Do ya?
Cuz well... you should...
so, you should proabably start your comment now...
I SAID NOW! haha just kidding... take your time...
go check out their shop...
Tell me what you love and why you need this tank!
And hurry, cuz summer is almost here!!
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Come back here and tell us what you got 2 extra entries!
Geesh, were so giving over here...
Who do you love? ROCKERBYEBABY! hehe

Good Luck!


  1. I just promoted you seconds ago on my blog! I'm so so excited Marty told me I won the shoes!

  2. That skelly onesie is the best design I've ever seen on a onesie.. ever.

  3. I love these onesies! So much better than the Hot Topic ones, you can't find any of these around. I'm into the Rockabilly looks and I try to find stuff like that for my son, but up until now, I couldn't. The ribbed tanks would be great for my son also because he has to run around practically naked in the summer because the regular onesies are too hot for him, giving him a heat rash.

  4. Yes, I agree buying handmade is soo much cooler than hot topic, and their prices are HIGHER!

    This shop has cute things, love them ALL.

  5. I love the ZOMBABIE! The design is awesome & my boy has been doing the "zombie" since he was wee!



  6. Great designs, I love the Count Crapula! Definitely keeping them in mind for baby gifts.

  7. I have to say, I love the ZOMBABIE onesie the best! My little guy needs this shirt because he would look AWESOME in it...

  8. I NEED that skeleton onsie for Gory!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  9. i like the zombabie onesie. the cthulu belt buckle is cool too!

  10. i also posted the giveaway to stumbleupon. my username is juliaas.

  11. Crankystein sounds like a good fit for my son!

  12. The Zombabie is awesome. My 'niece' would totally rock it!

  13. Wow! I love Vlad Tepes the Impaler Dracula Romania goth belt buckle! And my son'd look beautiful with this tank!!!


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