Saturday, June 30, 2012

8 months!? WHAT??

My baby girl is 8 months old... How did this happen. I could cry. Baby fever anyone?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I miss you...

Oh how I miss having time to blog... even when I DO blog now... I feel like all I get to do is product reviews and quick picture posts... I miss telling you about my life and pretending that you listen... all one or two of you that still pay attention ;) And I miss having that outlet to vent to... when all starts boiling over on the inside... just letting it spill out from key to computer screen. But even now, sitting here taking the time to type out this meaningless post - I find myself filtered... and not even knowing where to begin... what I DO know - is there is definitely not enough time nor space to write it all out... all I wanted to say is Im sorry for my absence... Im doing my best to get back on my feet both in the blog, store, and life and I appreciate everyones patience while I do that... I have the most amazing fans and customers anyone could ever ask for...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A few new pictures :)

Sometimes the best pictures come from a cell phone! Love getting pictures snapped like this from customers. Thanks guys and keep em coming!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bring your baby to work day...

Had an awesome time going to see Motion City Soundtrack last night... They were amazing as usual and I loved hearing all the new tunes. But I gotta say... my favorite part of the show was when Josh's daughter Dot came out to play.
She absolutely just adored watching him play...

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this one I took...

And this one was the beginning of the Dot dance party :) "Bring your daughter to work day with @motioncitysoundtrack @motioncitymusic. (photo @joelemke)"

Dot had been around this scene since she was only weeks old... I remember holding her first time on the back of the MCS bus... so teeny tiny, a full head of dark hair and wrapped up in RockerByeBaby... man, TIME FLIES!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nuby Twisty Bugs Teether Review

Love, LOVE AND LOVE!! Another amazing toy to satisfy my teething baby, and NUBY is to thank! I have been absolutely chaotic this month... Just between regular chaos of three kids, Zaq is on tour, and we have been moving my two home offices out and into our first REAL offsite office space. And when things get crazy - Ms. Rozz gets Nuby! There are only a handful of toys that will keep her little hands busy and her mind at attention for longer than a couple minutes and the Nuby Twisty Bugs Teether is one of them!
"The Twisty Bugz™ teether features colorful characters, multiple textured surfaces, and fun sounds that will delight and amuse your baby for hours. Each character is sized perfectly for small hands and can be twisted in a full circle. Additionally the entire teether can be twisted along its center. Twist it and it clicks! Shake it and it rattles!"
She absolutely loves the clicking and clacking sounds... the squishy teething wings on the bugs... the crinkles... and the little antenna nubs and strings... there are so many things for her to play with in this one single toy... and as a parent - its nice knowing she is being stimulated in so many different ways when I can't be the one entertaining her.
And a sneak peek into the next review... hiding back there in Rozzlyn's hands... the Nuby PurIce Teether. Check out these products and more at! And be sure to follow Nuby on Facebook where they do daily giveaways!
Disclosure: I was sent a free sample for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given. I am disclosing in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR Part 225, Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Check out our new Nuby teething toy!

Since I have the pleasure of being a Nuby Mommy Blogger - I get all sorts of awesome goodies to tell you about... One of which, is this SO SO awesome teether. Nuby has the most awesome collection of teethers in different sizes, shapes, colors, etc. "Like many of our other great teethers, this Coolbite™ Teether provides a variety of cool textured surfaces for your baby to bite and teethe on. The cool, resilient surfaces massage and soothe your baby's sore gums safely. This teether also features areas filled with a pûrICE™ Gel that will remain soft. After refrigerating, the pûrICE™ will stay colder longer than water filled soothers!" (Nuby) I love that the little fabric petals have crinkle paper inside...
And Rozzlyn absolutely LOVES chomping away at this teether and of course enjoys the cooling sensation against her sore gums... She even loves it without the cold though, so its a go to toy no matter what.
So if you're looking for a super cute teether, different from the typical things out there, track down this Nuby Teether at, Amazon, Babies R Us...... Go! Get one!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Caterpillar Crawl. Boon Review

This week I was given the chance to review an AWESOME new Boon product... The Boon Caterpillar Snack Stack Container. They can be found on Amazon for just $12, and are worth every penny.
Each Caterpillar snack stack somes with a trio of separate containers... They all interlock together for easy travel... and all come completely apart for easy cleaning. And for easy snacking? Each canister has a slider on the side with an opening about the size of a quarter.  Just slide it open, give it a little shake, and snack away! SO when I was packing up for our picnic this afternoon, I knew I needed to bring it along... In the photo you see it holding some Panjas, some Annie's organic Bunny Snacks, and some Earth's Best Gram Cracker Sticks. I wanted to use things of different sizes and shapes to see how easy they were to get out... and they all were great. You could also use it for cut up fruits and vegis. They options are endless! Like the Boon site says "There's nothing worse than having a purse full of crumbled snacks spilling out of tired plastic baggies. Caterpillar Stack lets you keep all your snacks safe and intact while on-the-go. The snack lid lets little hands in but keeps treats where they belong, which is not on the floor of your car."

Amazing right!? I definitely urge you to go grab one... Like I mentioned, Amazon has them, as well as the Boon website and many other While Im lusting over Boon products... Check these out below :)

I WISH I would have found this before Rozz was born, but she is almost out of the baby tub now... But come on, seriously!? How awesome!?!!? A collapsable baby tub thats fashionable, functional, and affordable @ just $69.99. Thats a win in my book!
And I am most definitely adding the new GLO to my wish list for Rozzlyns room. This is by far the coolest night light I have EVER, ever seen.