Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - I feel Violated.

Someone did this to my home :(

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mentorying Monday: MADDIE!!!!!!!

SO - this is me writing in for Aymee & Adam this week!!! Maddie was born on Friday the 13th - (of August of course) She is beautiful as I knew that she would be... amazing long lashes and kiss worthy lips! Just a total doll... and I am just 1 week away from getting to kiss and squeeze and love on her...

(I got this shirt for Maddie from Small Threads and she wore it home from the hospital! I feel so special, lol)  Leave a comment with a big 'ol congrats to Aymee & Adam :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Favorites Friday: Coffee

Im dying here... I need coffee and a have a delicious bag of coffee in my cupboard... and its not ground. UGH! So - this is me... wishing i had coffee... drooling over all the etsy coffee goodies... enjoy.
*click to enlarge*

#1: VelvetBean - Small Velvet & Burlap Coffee Sack Pillow
#2: KatieBlairDesigns - Lets Have Coffee set of 5 screenprinted cards.
#3: White AppleThreads - Green Karma Tote from Recycled Coffee Sack
#4: NewMoonStudio - Set of Two Large Green and White stoneware mugs
#5: Colettepaperie - We Should Do This (Get Coffee) Postcards
#6: WarmCountryMeadows - Moss Terrarium inside of Vintage Starbucks Mug
#7: retrofied - Dragonfly Bag and Pouch Set Hand screened in Robins Egg Blue & Espresso
#8: Craftsmen By Night - Hand Embroidered Flowered Vine Jave Jacket
#9: CocoandLolaSoaps - Coffee and Citrus Soap

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursdays Tunes - I feel Home...

Lots of homesickness going on around here... and i love love love this song. So it was perfect for today. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - PUPPIES!!

Im sure most of you have heard me ranting on facebook about our new family members, Kazz & Kirby... but in case you missed it there, im posting em here!! We love them, theyre great sweet little snuggle fur babies.. cant wait to see the looks on the boys' faces!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Winners of the RockerByeBaby Giveaway!

Bimbo Baggins said...

I follow you on twitter and am a fan of your FB page :)

I want the sugar skulls cause I have the sugar skull bedding for my daughter, Ireland!

Heather Souza said...

fan on fb

Monday, August 09, 2010

Mentoring Monday: Are We There Yet?

One of the last posts from Aymee before she starts writing to Maddie on the OUTSIDE!! So excited to see her sooooooon!!!!
Are we there yet?
              As I’m writing this, it is Madeline’s due date. Today should mark the end of pregnancy and the beginning of a new life with our daughter. However, it doesn’t feel as special as it did in my imagination. It’s just another day without broken water, without contractions, without adrenaline rushes, without excited yet anxious phone calls. Since the 35th week of pregnancy, I’ve been pining for this day (besides the obvious reasons). The first day of my 35th week, I woke up and the euphoria I had been feeling about pregnancy had vanished. The last month realities hit me like a ton of bricks. My back hurt, my legs ached, simply walking from one place to another exhausted me, I began having trouble sleeping, the heartburn kicked into high gear, sciatic nerve pain began shooting down my back and legs, and in the last few weeks my belly exploded in size, mauling my skin with stretch marks. My belly looks like the surface of Venus. I long for regular jeans, lace-up shoeshot non-pregnant sex with my husband, and after all that—a stiff drink. I want my body back, damnit.
              Today has felt like I’ve run a marathon, but the finish line is missing the ribbon garnish, confetti, photographers’ flashing cameras, and a cheering crowd. Instead, it’s just a bare road with the end hiding somewhere in front of meWhat else is there to do but keep running forward?
              I want her here—not in here. I want to hold her, kiss her, sing to her, read to her, look into her eyes and watch her respond to my voice. I want to watch Adam do those things too. I want to watch him be a father. I want to sneak into the room and listen to him talk to her in the most honest way; to watch her turn him into mush in her tiny hand without him knowing I’m there.
              I just keep telling myself, “Patience is a virtue,” “Good things come to those who wait, and “The longer you wait for something, the sweeter it is when you get it. I know it’s true. I’ve had a wonderful pregnancy. I mean really, what a ride! I will forever cherish this time and these experiences. Every time I look at my daughter, I will remember the one-of-a-kind feeling of her rolling around inside; that special connection. But Maddie sweetheart, if I can give you some advice: the trick is to leave them wanting more…

Friday, August 06, 2010

Favorites Friday: Affordable Handmade Toys

The other day Amanda & I were "shopping" for some fun etsy toys for lil' Jack. I was blown away by all of the adorable things on etsy... SO MUCH CUTENESS!! I wanted it all, but WOW! SO much of it is just so expensive... i was determined to find cute, yet affordable toys... And this is what i found :)
*click to zoom*

#1: LIlBoppers - Little Plush Giraffe Baby Rattle - $4.75
#2: MaxandMeena - STAR STACK - recycled crayons 6 piece set - $3.00
#3: LittleNurslings - Natural Wooden Teething/Grasping Rings - $5.00
#4: TwoFloridaGirls - Custom Personalized Letter or Number Bean Bags - $3.00
#5: Babymomo - Jumbo Soft Block Summer Soiree = $3.00
#6: MysunshineDesigns - Mini Lovey Lolli Dot = $7.00
#7: UsWoodToys - Red Car - $5.00
#8: MissTartine - Small Rattle Felted Wool Ball (rattle)
#9: BlueMoonCrochet - Plush Bird Rattles - $5.00

If any of you amazing sellers would like to host a review and giveaway... we would love to have you!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursdays Tunes - Foo Fighters: Wheels

Zaq <3's this song... its a good tune i agree... but he is obsessed with it! Whatcha think?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Garden Grunge

Check out the photos of the new Garden Grunge t-shirt we made :) Available in size 12m, 18m, 24m, 3t, 4t.  Thanks Sara for the photos of Pixie!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

GIVEAWAY! from me... :) TWO WINNERS!

So - im completely overjoyed by all of the new facebook fans... I couldn't be any more happy... You guys are the BEST!! So, in honor of that... I wanna be able so show my appreciation... This weeks giveaway will be from.... ME! I am giving away two skullies... Both gender neutral... mix tapes/boom boxes... and sugar skulls! Fun right? So there will be two winners... Read below to see how to enter!

(leave each entry in a separate comment for the extra entries to be counted :)
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#10: If you win - would you prefer the mix tapes? Or the Sugar skulls?


Empty Nest Syndrome?

So its been a little while since I did i fun rant/banter/randomness.. but lots of things have been floating through my head lately so time to spill them out...
  • My babies are home in Illinois... for a whole month... 
  • My birthday present this year is that I get to see them. Best... Birthday... Ever.....
  • Last night when I went to bed I looked in their room to peek on them.... I love watching them sleep...
  • When I peeked in on them, I remembered they weren't there :(
  • I know its not the same thing, but having the boys gone makes me feel so so so sad and sorry for those who have lost a child. I couldn't imagine them both just being "gone" like that. 
  • I'm lonely.
  • Maybe empty nest syndrome is the cause for my baby making overdrive this month... 
  • Izzaq caught his first fish on Sunday with papa Chad. This makes me overjoyed and extremely sad at the same time. I miss MY Grandpa. He would have been so proud.
  • RockerByeBaby has almost doubled in sales from last year...
  • ^ That is insanity. Awesomely, psychotically, hair-pulling, vodka redbull drinking, non-sleeping insanity... 
  • I wouldn't have it any other way...
  • Being home with my husband without kids has been amazing. People should be jealous about how much we still talk, kiss, love, be silly, have fun, after 5 years of chaos. 
  • Zaq and I did everything backwards... we had about 1 year of good, then a few of bad, with a really bad thrown in there, then a good, and now a great. I like that order of things... At this point, and what we have been trough... theres nothing that can tear us apart. 
  • We're a cute couple sometimes :) 

  • I can't wait to go home to visit.... It will either make me not want to leave, or remind me why i left... hmmm.
  • I wish my "internet friends" were my "in real life friends" and we could have fun play dates, and get mani-pedi's, go shopping, and have girls nights out.... instead - im anti-social, stay home, and get anxiety from going shopping. 
  • In about 5 days - I have gone from 1,159 fans... to 1,588 <-- this is amazingness in my book... keep it going! Fan here!
  • My Aymee is due ANY day now... can you believe it!? 
  • Shes beautiful.
  • I love doing the wash load of laundry. Feels good to get it done.
  • If I could have a giant pile of clean clothes in the closet id be happiest girl on earth... i hate... HATE folding clothes. its my least favorite chore... 
  • I want a cupcake.
  • I have been reading Uncharted TerriTori... so far so good ;)
  • I have a new obsession with Betsey Johnson bras... And I keep finding great deals!
  • Zaq has a new obsession with Betsey Johnson bras... apparently my boobs look great, haha.
  • Adam said if I couldn't say *lol  I would spontaneously combust...
  • He is probably right. 
    • *Note to self - stop saying *lol*
  • I sent two shirts to SaraSophia to have her little Pixie model them, and i am just DYING to see the pictures. She has such amazing talent, i know they will be great!
  • Im so hungry... considering a turkey sandwich for breakfast. 
  • Since moving to California, i have gotten two horrible haircuts. 
  • Im scared to get another one... considering waiting till i get back to MPLS to go to Moxie, Micah wont mess it up.
  • About once a week I buy something random for the new baby im hoping for...
  • Im not even pregnant yet.
  • I think i might be ;) Testing in 2 more days if no period.
  • Im supposed to have my tattoo sleeve finished when we go home to Minneapolis. Ive been waiting over a year... and my luck, I will find out i pregnant 2 weeks before... and then wait another year... 
  • The other day, zaq and i spent an entire afternoon watching an America's Next Top Model marathon... and he didn't even complain. 
  • Secretly - he loved it i think... #myhusbandisnotgayiswear
  • I need to get to work. 

WINNER of the Amenity home...

Thanks everyone for entering!!

Attila & Tamara said...

I Follow the RockerByeBaby blog!

szogediek at yahoo dot com