Monday, August 16, 2010

Mentorying Monday: MADDIE!!!!!!!

SO - this is me writing in for Aymee & Adam this week!!! Maddie was born on Friday the 13th - (of August of course) She is beautiful as I knew that she would be... amazing long lashes and kiss worthy lips! Just a total doll... and I am just 1 week away from getting to kiss and squeeze and love on her...

(I got this shirt for Maddie from Small Threads and she wore it home from the hospital! I feel so special, lol)  Leave a comment with a big 'ol congrats to Aymee & Adam :)


  1. Congrats! Newborn babies just invoke so much love! I soooo cannot wait to have a second, whenever in the indeterminate future that may be.

    I hope they're having a blast! =D<3

  2. she is SO beautiful!!!! congratulations to you both! while i obviously don't know the two of you, i have been keeping up with all of your posts here, and i can honestly say that that is one lucky little girl- you two are going to be amazing parents! good luck! :)

  3. Thanks everyone for reading and for your well-wishes. We feel pretty lucky to have her too!