Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zeds Zombie Ranch - Take my Heart

Last week in Canada Jen was showing me something that we both had to get our husbands... I want to be vague because I still need to get it for him... *yes - I will be starting a collection for our mantle* These goodies came form the amazing Zeds Zombie Ranch...
Its full of everything you could "need" in the way of zombie appreciation... from t-shirts, to garden signs... and my personal favorite - the skeletons. While checking out his shop I fell in love... completely. And immediately started choosing all the ones the husband just HAS to have... but with Valentines day right around the corner - I chose the "Take My Heart" skeleton... which ironically, zaq just wrote a song using very similar lyrics! It was perfect... He loved it... I love it... and Ill definitely be back for more... Oh, and PS - AMAZING customer service... I requested one on a Friday - he had it shipped priority mail on Monday and I opened it yesterday. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!

PS- Jason at Zed's Zombie Ranch is offering RockerByeBaby friends 10% off! Coupon code: ZedsRBBFriend at checkout!

"This little lover is holding open it's ribcage and handing it's heart over to you." *Take my heart... but be gentle.*

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cutest Valentines ever!!

At the end of January we received a note home about Valentines... we weren't allowed to send candy or treats... so I had to get creative. Hmmmm. Just boring old valantines end up in the trash - so I knew I needed to step it up... I started searching on Etsy for some ideas. And with all the awesome options - these mustache tags caught my eye. I instantly knew what I was going to do... JsCraftyStudio - funny enough was located just about 9 miles from my home town. Of ALL the options, what are the chances of that!? Her customer service was fantastic... prices MORE than affordable - and a great quality product. She made me a custom order for 30 and had them out super quick... Today I ran to the dollar store and for $5 more picked up 30 stick on mustaches... As soon as Izzaq got home from school today we got to work... I hand wrote To & From on the back... and Izzaq wrote their names. Then we used double stick tape to attach the mustaches to the backs. Im so happy with how they turned out and he has already asked me about 100 times when they can all wear their mustaches. Handmade Valentines = success!!

Nuby Bedlite Buddies Review

How stinking cute are these!? Another adorable, snuggly, lovey plush by Nuby... This one however features a light up face and sings baby to sleep with a sweet lullaby. Rozzlyn LOVES using it as  night light when she goes to bed... and I love that it shuts off on its own - as to not be wasting electricity or batteries all night. High Five Nuby for another great product :)

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nuby Easy Grip Steaming Bowl Review

I have a lot of favorite nuby products... but Im can confidently say this one is at the top of that list...
Now that I am working out of the house and Daddy is home taking care of the kids - I like to make things simple for him... part of that is prepping meals for Baby Rozzlyn... The Nuby Easy Grib Bowl makes that SO SO easy... Its has two sectioned parts and a lid designed for steaming... it can literally go straight from the fridge to the microwave. Today I had pasta on one side and green beans on the other... I popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds... and when it came out it was perfectly steamed and ready to eat. No mess... No fuss... just an easy, healthy lunch for the princess.
"Our sectioned Easy Grip™ Bowl is perfect for feeding time because it is easy for mom to hold and has multiple compartments for different foods. The soft ergonomic design of the thumb rest allows the bowl to be held with either hand in a comfortable and more natural feeding position. It comes with a seal-tight lid that features an automatic steam vent which allows the sealed bowl to be microwaved safely. This unique feature prevents nasty splashes in the microwave and allows the bowl to go from refrigerator to microwave without any problems."

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer and Sterilizer Review

Last week we had the opportunity to try out the Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer and Sterilizer - and it couldn't have come at a better time... this winter has just been a vicious cycle of colds, flus, and stomach bugs... and the best way to stop that train in its tracks? Getting rid of the germs...
My favorite feature about this gem is that it sterilizes all the little pieces that go directly into Ms. Rozzlyns mouth... pacifiers, bottle nipples, etc. So when were battling the germs... just popping the paci's into the sterilizer is an easy way to get them all germ free in minutes. All you have to do is pour the required amount of water into the base, insert your items, and hit the button... and it shuts off when its done. Its that simple!

And when you're done - it doubles as a warmer for bottles and jars of baby food. This is a MUST have for any parent... and definitely something I can see using long after were done with the baby phase. There are always small things that need sterilizing... and it works great for all the sippy cup parts too!

"The 2-in-1 design of this Natural Touch™ Warmer and Sterilizer evenly and safely warms breast milk, formula and baby food. Or you can use it as a quick and easy-to-use sterilizer for bottles and pacifiers. It sterilizes in just minutes! Simply use measuring cup (included) to add water, load the sterilizer and touch the button to start."