Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cutest Valentines ever!!

At the end of January we received a note home about Valentines... we weren't allowed to send candy or treats... so I had to get creative. Hmmmm. Just boring old valantines end up in the trash - so I knew I needed to step it up... I started searching on Etsy for some ideas. And with all the awesome options - these mustache tags caught my eye. I instantly knew what I was going to do... JsCraftyStudio - funny enough was located just about 9 miles from my home town. Of ALL the options, what are the chances of that!? Her customer service was fantastic... prices MORE than affordable - and a great quality product. She made me a custom order for 30 and had them out super quick... Today I ran to the dollar store and for $5 more picked up 30 stick on mustaches... As soon as Izzaq got home from school today we got to work... I hand wrote To & From on the back... and Izzaq wrote their names. Then we used double stick tape to attach the mustaches to the backs. Im so happy with how they turned out and he has already asked me about 100 times when they can all wear their mustaches. Handmade Valentines = success!!

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