Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Look mom, no hands!

How do I get things done with 3 kids, a full time business, a husband, a house, cleaning, cooking, etc. etc. ETC... hands free... A great friend made me the MOST AWESOME pouch for Rozzlyn... I had a sling with the boys, but its just not the same. Nothing compares to the awesomeness of my pouch... It was so perfect to keep her close as a newborn, and now that she's bigger Its even more amazing...
Her cute little toes fit through the sides... her head peeks out the top... the only issues I had at the store was her trying to chew through my shirt to nurse, haha... greedy baby had just eaten! *note to self - no v-necks while baby wearing "flesh=food to baby* Though, now that I say that... I probably could nurse her in there too... hmmmmmm.... 

Long story short, if you havn't tried wearing your baby, I recommend it... Life is so much easier with a baby in a pouch :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

I wish I wish I wish... for missyindustry

Im in love... and Ill take one of everything please from Missy Industry for my burf-day this month...

Misfit Necklace - $68.00

Poison Ring: $90.00
Sale... Brass Knuckles: $40.00
Eyelet Ring - $104.00
Sooooo yeah! Check out her shop - its amazing... 
My friend Jen stands behind her 100% and has a lot of her items :)
Hopefully I can add some to my jewelry box soon!

The Avengers! Crafty Style...

Its been oh so busy as usual - and last week we had the pleasure of working outside the punk rock box! With all the hero movies coming out, no doubt there are little guys and girls everywhere wanting some for themselves... so we were happy to give that to them!

A custom birthday outfit.... skirt and matching shirt for a birthday girl!

A set of birthday Booger Basher party favors made with Avengers fabrics & gold minky smooth

And a custom hoodie for my little man Zavery :)
Always feel free to contact us for custom work!  rockerbyebaby@gmail.com

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nuby Giveaway: Round One - Newborn Care

We are SO totally excited to announce our first big Nuby Giveaway! We have three rounds of giveaways - so be sure to follow us and keep checking back!

Round One: Newborn Care

When you bring a newborn baby home... there are all sorts of things you will likely have to worry about... bathing, diaper changing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, medicine giving, pacifier ... uhhh... pacifier sucking? ... sure! There will be lots of that too. But never fear, Nuby has you covered in most all of these aspects... and to prove it to you, I've put together the perfect newborn care kit to give away to one lucky winner... But first, I want to tell you about the items you could receive.

Medical Care Kit-
"Nuby's™ Medical Kit helps you take care of you child's medical needs. From medicating to nasal and ear care, this kit makes it easier to care of your baby.
This kit includes: Sure-Dose™ Medicine dropper, Medi- Nurser, Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe and Medicine Dispenser."

Nail Care Set-
"Nûby™ strives to provide quality grooming products necessary for safe and simple grooming of your baby. All are available in fashionable colors and designs.
This set includes:
 Nail Clipper: that are sized for baby’s small nails, but are easy for an adult to use. Each Clipper comes with a snap on cover for cleaner storage.
 Baby and Toddler Nail Scissor: are made of stainless steal and are also sized perfectly for baby or toddler’s tiny nails. The short curved blades of these Scissors make it easier to trim a child’s nails. Trim straight across nails then shape as needed. Each pair of Nail Scissors comes with a hygienic cover that easily fits over the end.
 Smoothing Emery Boards: (4 pieces) are specially sized and shaped to help smooth and shape their tiny nails. This helps prevent your child from scratching themselves- and others!"

Nuby Brites Pacifiers: (0-6 months)
"The classic oval baglet with symmetrical shield design ensures that the pacifier always fits in your baby’s mouth. Nuby’s air system allows air to circulate between baby’s delicate skin & pacifier. The pacifiers come in various fun bright colors and designs!"

"The Paci-Cradle™ from Nûby™ is the ideal way to keep any pacifier or Pacifinder® within reaching distance. The Flexi-Klip™ ensures that the case will stay attached to a stroller, handbag, diaper bag, etc. The durable plastic case keeps pacifier and/or Pacifinder® secure, providing a clean and hygienically safe environment. It's sized conveniently to hold 2 pacifiers or 1 pacifier and Pacifinder®!"

Dr. Talbots Diaper Rash Cream:
"Engineered to be the best, Dr. Talbot's Diaper Rash Ointment was first developed by Dr. Ralph Jefferson Talbot in 1933. This zinc oxide and Peruvian balsam ointment helps soothe and prevent diaper rash, while moisturizing your baby's delicate skin."

Any mama (or daddy) and baby would be super lucky to receive all these Nuby goodies for their little one on the way... and as I HUGE Nuby supporter, I can confidently recommend them all... After baby number 3 - we still have some Nuby items that get regular use from years ago... and are still buying new ones as they come out! So - help me help you get your entries in to get your hands on this prize...

To enter: 
*Each # below is a separate entry, comment below (in separate comments) which each number you complete... The #10 entry is MANDATORY - each extra (1-9) are extra chances at being entered!
3: Follow Nuby on Instagram - @nubyusa
7: Follow RockerByeBaby on Instagram. -@rockerbyebaby
9: Follow the Nuby USA YouTube Channel for videos and review by moms like me!!
10: Tell me why you want to win this giveaway from Nuby

Good Luck!!

**I was not compensated in any way for this post, just provided with product to review and giveaway.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitty Pinkstars = Love

I <3 Kitty Pinkstars... she's one of the sweetest most genuine people I've ever come across on the web... and I'm so glad I was finally able to add one of her Wookies to our collection. Rozzlyn absolutely LOVES rolling it around...

We love it OH so much... we even made a little video :)

You should definitely take a second to stop by her Etsy shop... and if you don't already - go "like" her fan page on facebook for daily doses of smiles, rainbows and hamsters named Walter.  I would say I have a slight addiction... and check her shop at LEAST a few times a week to make sure I don't miss any plush that I can't live without... but they go so stinking fast I have a hard time getting them in time! Now that I have one to love on in person... I definitely need more! And, they're so affordable... so check her out... have some Kitty Pinkstars?! Tell me about it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

She says it hurts but its worth it.

"She says it hurts but its worth it." A line from my favorite Hold Steady song... A line I have been waiting years to have tattooed on me. Until about a month ago - I didn't know exactly how I wanted it... but with Remie posted a photo of some AWESOME birds she had drawn up... it all made sense.
I just had to have them... I loved the traditional style with the new school twist... I LOVE the details in the banner... and the amazing coloring in the birds... so we *she* made some tweaks... added in my must have lyrics... and we put an anchor in the center to tie it all together.
Reime is an amazing artist... and even just the outline got me all giddy!
I loved just watching the master do her work.
Hanging out at Evolution Tattoo was awesome... The shop is in Bloomington, MN and has a gorgeous lake and woods in its back yard. So beautiful. The decor inside is so awesome... Its absolutely one of the nicest shops I have ever been to... and the bathroom? Possibly the nicest of ALL bathrooms... ever. I should have taken a picture of it, lol

Reime got the stencil on in one shot and it was perfect...  Got prepped and we got going on the outline.
(love this shot ^^ )

Continue on for an awesome photo montage :)

Reime did such an AMAZING job... I love it so much and I absolutely can't wait to get it finished up... I can't wait to look in the mirror every day and see such a bright and colorful piece shining back! If the finished piece is even half as awesome as the original piece she drew Ill be thrilled :) I know where Im going for my Kawaii sleeve! Can't wait!

If anyone in the area is looking to get tattooed - be sure to go see Reime at Evolution Tattoo... Everyone there is laid back and super talented... you won't be disappointed.  Need an excuse to find your way over there? Its super close to the Mall of America so you could have a fun day shopping and riding rides with the family - and be getting new ink by the evening :) If you call for a consultation tell em Amber from RockerByeBaby sent you!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review of My Little Feather Plush Owl!

It would be near impossible for me to choose a "favorite plush" from my *ahem* sorry... Rozzlyn's plush collection. But I gotta say, in a sea of pink, black, and lime green - our new punky owl from My Little Feather stands out...
I have been a huge fan of My Little Feather from the moment I first say her OH SO CUTE pirate owls... I mean seriously, how can you not love them!! In an Etsy world full of plush, My little Feather has really found her niche and made them her own. If you havn't yet - be sure to "like" her on facebook so you can see the new plush as the are posted. 
When My Little Feather contacted my about a revie I literally squealed with delight. I had already showed her a ton of love just by seeing her awesome product online... but the idea of getting my hands on one! LOVE!!! We worked together to come up with the perfect one to match Rozzlyn's room. 
The colors and prints coordinate perfectly with her bedding... 
 I love the color of pink that she used in the felt and on the wings... and just the little pops of lime green...
And if you noticed.. the scribble skulls print is one I used in her quilt and her bumpers! 
How cute is that little r on the butt?! That was an awesome surprise I didn't see until I got it in the mail. The quality that comes from this shop absolutely blew my mind. Each stitch is perfect... every detail is carefully thought out... creating a high-quality item thats worth every penny... and the price? Totally reasonable for a plush of this size. *which makes me happy as I consider my next owl* I just love watching Ms. Rozzlyn inspect the different prints and textures... 
Her little fingers are too cute feeling the textures of the buttons and threads. 

My next purchase most definitely has to be one with glasses and a mustache... what?! Hipster owl?! Oh yes... she makes those too ;) 
So - needless to say... Ms. Rozz approves completely...

Nuby Easy Go set - Review

Absolutely loving this new trio we got from Nuby! As a mom always on the go - I love things that are easy.. and quick... and SUPER simple. This set *Easy Go* is exactly that...

But Im not just going to tell you about its awesomeness... I'm going to show you with the help of Ms. Rozzlyn!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crash/Burn/Repeat rocked Hell's Kitchen

Had a great night last night. Hubby's band Crash/Burn/Repeat played downtown at Hell's kitchen. Its always fun to get together with friends and rock out... my ears are still ringing... so I can't help but wonder if it was crazy loud - or if Im just getting old... maybe both. ;)

So here is a little photo montage of our evening :)


 Lazy Fans, lol

 I crashed heathers table...
 The roomies took this super cute picture...
then came home to Crashed Kids... 
Successful evening :)