Monday, May 31, 2010

Mentoring Monday: Does this make me a Grown Up?

Adam is having a bit of writers block lately so meet Maddies mama, Aymee! (Or in my house known as MiMi... ) She has so graciously stepped up to fill his spot for awhile... Yay! Love you Aymee! Hope your enjoying your baby bash!

What separates the young adults from the full-blown adults? At which point do you cross over? Is the right of passage turning 18? Moving out on your own? Buying your first car (when you buy it, not your parents)? Having a child of your own? When you buy a home?
Age 18 separates minors from legal adults. But as we all know when you’re 18, you’re still just a kid--but with legal responsibility for yourself, the right to vote, and the right to buy cigarettes. I was a mature, responsible 18 year-old, but still a kid nonetheless. When I turned 25, I had one of those “oh my god” moments. I realized I was now a quarter-century old (not saying that’s old, just that it’s a milestone), and that I was in a new age box: no longer 18-24, I was 25-30. “Holy cow!” I said to myself. I reflected on my past, and made decisions about my future. What it this transition that made me a grown-up?” I have felt like an adult for a little while now; getting married, moving all over the Midwest, paying bills, etc. But I’m about to turn 26 and still don’t feel the term “grown-up” applies. I feel like a twenty-something; a twenty-something with a husband and daughter.  That’s not weird to think about; it’s the grown-up part. Grown-ups are those we look to for guidance on how to do this thing appropriately named growing up, mainly because they’re already there. My mom’s a grown-up. My boss is a grown-up. …Or are they?
As a kid, you assume an adult knows all the answers. But it’s so not true! Adam was once told (about parenting) that adults don’t know all the answers. But you take what you know and try to direct your child in what you think is the best direction. We’ve still got no clue what we’re doing! Were still carefully stepping around in the dark, making decisions about moving forward into the unknown. Only now, there are less people offering to guide us and more people looking to sell us a map, and we are expected to make the right decision. Not one of us has had a miraculous transformation from child to grown-up. We’re the same children we were before; only now, we have become more confident with walking around in the dark.
So maybe that’s the answer to my question. Maybe having a kid does make you a grown-up, but we don’t see the transformation from our point of view. Maybe the transformation can only be seen from the eyes of the ones we are now leading: our children.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Giveaway #9 - CutiePaTuTus!

There are alot of things that a little girl needs... but one of these things... and possible the most important (obviously) is a perfect tutu... That one tutu that can make you feel like a princess, a ballerina, and a rock star all in one... and if your looking for that perfect tutu... i know just where you can find it. CutiePaTuTus has you covered on everything you will need for your punky princess or your superhero son...
She makes some of the cutest tutu's i have ever seen...
and of course coordinating wands & accessories to go with... 
and i absolutely just LOVE the super hero capes... all boys (and girls) need one of these to get the creativity and imagination flowing... 
As you can see, there really is something for everyone here... even us rocker moms... Aymee was gifted the CUTEST tiny little tutu for Ms. Maddie... called "The Colby" Its a black skirt (can also come in black/hot pink) and is filled with hot pink, and silver pompoms and topped with a pink & black grosgrain guitar bow.
and for you... (of course for you! You didnt think I had forgotten did you!?) We have the adorable ZOE tutu. The ultimate in punk rock princess attire... "For the rock star in every little girl, here's the Zoe Pa Tutu. Double-layered Pa Tutu in hot pink and black tulle is still filled with pompoms (in bright sparkly pink and black), but just has a second layer to give it extra poof! Topped with a double layer bow of hot pink and black skulls & crossbones." 
Isn't is adorable!? If baby #3 is a girl... this is a must.. I can already see the adorable photoshoots that would come along with this... and a little pair of bling chucks... and some punky leg warmers... and a little cloth diaper booty.... and... and... and... *breathe* sorry... baby fever.
(Prize given is in a size 3t-5 years) This is a $37.99 value!

How to win:
#1: Make ANY purchase from CutiePaTutus and get 5 extra entries. (items start at $6.50 +)
(Twitter Friends get 10% off w/ this code! cutiefriends
#2: Follow CutiePatutus on Twitter!
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#4: Tweet This: (up to once daily)
"Rockin' Zoe Tutu giveaway ($38 value) during the #babybloggingbash from @cutiepatutus at the @rockerbyebaby blog"
#5: Follow the CutiePaTutu's Blog!
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog! (sidebar)
#7: "Like" Cutie PaTutus on facebook
#8: "Like" RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#9: Put the Cutie Pa Tutus "button" on your blog or website. (3 extra entries)
#10: Put the Rockerbyebaby button on your blog or website. (3 extra entries) *sidebar*
put the link in the comment so I can see where it is.
BONUS: up to 5 extra entries
Go to the CutiePaTuTus website and tell me UP TO 5 items that you would just LOVE to have... leave them all in separate comments.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #8! HelloPrettyBird!

Hello Pretty Bird... You are a pretty bird aren't you... Pretty Bird.... Pretty Bird...........

Readers, do you have a spare $5 laying around? Because if so, i know how you should spend it... Amanda over at Hello Pretty Bird on Etsy makes the CUTEST burp rags around... (well, tied with mine of course, lol) I dunno HOW she does it... but she hand dyes the BRIGHTEST colors on her burps. Shes amazing... now I can say this because i have tried... and failed... 3 hours... 3 rinse cycles... black hands... and a messy kitchen later, i gave up... and now I pay Amanda to dye them for me, lol Its MUCH more fun for me this way ;) So I make the punky ones, and she does ALLLLLLLLLLLL the rest... she has some of the most fun & cutesy tutesy prints... and at just $5 a pop they are affordable on any budget. (for comparison... a plain white Gerber burp rag costs $1.40... BORING! totally worth the extra $3.60...)
Check out some of my favorites :)
Rainbow of peace hand-dyed deep blue burp cloth
for the hippie baby in your life...

Sea Animals hand dyed Bright Blue Burp Cloth
Sea Animals... (im stalking this one :)

Colorful Owls hand dyed Orange Burp Cloth
Owls... also stalking this one... lol

Ice Cream sweets hand-dyed pink burp cloth
omg and I hadn't seen this one but now im stalking it toooooo!!! ;)

Anyways, as you can see they are ADORABLE... There is something for everyone... and a burpie that makes a statement... (more than just, HEY! Urp on me!) And if your a mama that likes to be matchy matchy... she also makes matching hand dyed onesies!
Ice Cream sweets hand-dyed pink burp cloth
If you dont see one that matches your burpie I bet if you ask REALLY nicely she will make you one... but never fear... cuz in the mean time, she has sent ONE matching set for a lucky winner... Aymee got an adorable girlie one too! Wanna see your prize?
Dots and Swirls hand dyed grey burp cloth
This burp rag above, and a matching Newborn size onesie (with the heart shaped applique) This set is a $20 value... and a lucky snag for the winning mama (&baby)...
How to win! We are going to run this one a little differently... Its a live giveaway... When we get to 300 comments a winner will be chosen... (this seems like alot buts its not. We once got to 500 comments in under 45 minutes, lol) 

There are 2 mandatory entries...
YOU MUST (do both):
#1: Fan Hello Pretty Bird on FACEBOOK...
#2: Go to the Hello Pretty Bird Etsy Page... heart her shop, and heart your TWO favorite items...

AFTER THAT: Comment as many times as you want about this theme:
"Favorite things about being a parent"
As soon as we reach 300  200 entries, the comments will be closed & a winner will be chosen at random.

Extra: If you love to help us promote :)
Tweet this:
Unisex Burp Rag & Onesie giveaway from @amanda_smith during the #babybloggingbash at the @rockerbyebaby blog
You can tweet this one only up to once an hour... (comment for the entry).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WINNERS of the BABYBLOGGINGBASH! (will keep updating here!)

***In order to not lose my mind, lol i will contact you ALL after all the giveaways have ended and will ship them all at the same time :)***

The two winners of the Libertys Belle diaper soakers giveaway are:
#7 - Nicole Renee said... 7
I follow you! moderndayverona at gmail dot com

#122 - taylorUSMCwife said... 122

taylacy504 at yahoo dot com

And the winner of the Sarah Sewta Giveaway isssssssssssss:
GreenPunkMama said... 33
I Heart the SarahSewta etsy shop & 2 items!!

BabyBooFelt Fabric Block: Twitter Giveaway - SnowflakeDay!

Sugar Baby Love onesie:
Laughing With Leslie! How funny is this... or all the numbers between 1 & 89... picked #1.
Winner of the Rockin' Green Giveaway!

Slee said... 117

RnG FB fan

Sarah said... 134

tandsplus5 (at)

Kim said... 55

fan of rockerbybaby on fb
kimhigueria at gmail dot com

Winner of the Hello Pretty Bird Live giveaway is:

A Family Completed... said... 90
I love going to Chuck E Cheese again. Man I missed skee ball, and boy my kids get excited with all those tickets :)

Lynn said... 15

I follow RBB on Twitter!

Sarah said... 57

Loooove the Colby <3
tandsplus5 (at)

AND *drummroll please*
winner of the Jewelias Closet Giveaway:
All 322 comments... and it picked #10, hahahaha

stOOpidgErL said... 10

ALL of the shoes are awesome!! I really love these~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #7! RaeGun...

Aweeeeee....... lets all take a second to just *MELT* over RaeGun... 

There are a million reasons I want #3 to be a girl... but this shop easily has made it into my top 5, haha... and I know Aymee feels the same... she got all giddy when I showed her the goodie that RaeGun was sending for her shower...
Heart Breaker Bloomers
Just wait until you see what YOU could win... but while your waiting... drool on this...
Black and White II -Euro Neck Tie Dress
possibly the cutest rocker-chic dress on earth... 
Rocker Hot Pink -ruffle diaper covers
Can you imagine these over an adorable little cloth diaper bum!?
Retro Ruffler -Green Damask
and this... this makes my heart go pitter patter... 
The list goes on... if baby #3 is a girl ill take one (or 2) of everything... in every color... and possibly a few customs, lol (need skulls!) As if her adorable store wasn't enough... read her cute little profile... she is not a mom yet, just TOTALLY passionate about her work :)
"Setting: A little while ago in the lounge of the University of Utah philosophy department.
Grad student 1: What have you been up to?
Grad student 2: She’s been making baby clothes.
Grad student 1: *puzzled look*
Grad student 3 (me): Yeah, my sister got pregnant and I started making her baby presents and ummm I just loved it so much I didn’t stop."

Amazing, Right!? Could she be any more awesome? I don't think so... Wait.. nope... she can... why? Cuz one of you are getting a custom diaper cover :) Choose any item in the store with a $12.50 value... and in ANY size... 
0-3 months (waist 18") 
3-6 months (waist 19") 
6-12 months (waist 20") 
12-24 months (waist 21") 
2T (waist 22") 
3T (waist 22.5")

Amazingness, right? So here is how you win :) This will ONLY go for three days... and ends Saturday AM so get your entries in while you can!

#1: MANDATORY! What is your favorite item in the shop & if you win, what would you pick!?
#2: Make ANY purchase from the RaeGun website... comment with your order # for THREE ENTRIES. (three separate comments for each entry) ***edit: Orders made in the last WEEK will count towards this... just be sure to leave the order #***
#3:  Fan RaeGun on Facebook.
#4: Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook
#5: Follow @RockerByeBaby and tweet this (come back once a day to tweet for extra entries!)
"Enter 2 win a custom diaper cover (also #cothdiapers) from RaeGun size NB-3t @rockerbyebaby #babybloggingbash"
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog!
#7: Follow the RaeGun blog!
#8: Go the the RaeGun Etsy shop... heart her store... and heart your two favorite items!#9: Grab our FLASH button from the sidebar and post it on your website/blog for 2 extra entries (comment twice with the link to where I can find it)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mentoring Mondays: Too Fast.

Adam is having a bit of writers block lately so meet Maddies mama, Aymee! (Or in my house known as MiMi... ) She has so graciously stepped up to fill his spot for awhile... Yay! Love you Aymee! Hope your enjoying your baby bash!
Dearest Madeline,
We are currently two and a half months from meeting you. You kick, punch and twirl all the time, and I love it. Since I haven’t yet seen you, nor can I hold you, feeling you move is the next best thing. And to feel your movements get stronger each day tells me you are growing stronger which is exactly what every mother wants: to know her child is healthy and that things are going well. Every day I daydream about holding you, dancing with you, feeding you, bathing you, playing with you, reading to you; the list goes on and on. A wise man once said, “You may think about your parents once a week. Your parents think about you every day.” I used to laugh at how true that is while thinking of your grandparents. Now it’s my turn to be chuckled at.
It feels like just yesterday I beckoned your Dad into the bathroom of our tiny apartment in Richfield, MN and pointed to the pregnancy test.
“What does that mean?” asked your father. I smiled, and pointed to the instructions on how to read the test. “But what does it mean?!” I laughed and said,
“It means you’re going to be a daddy.”
“Oh baby!” he cried, collapsing into my arms. Sharing company with finding out you were a girl at the 20 week ultrasound, and getting married, that was one of the coolest moments in my life so far. Nothing I have ever done can compare with you.
At least once a day I say or think, “I can’t wait until August.” But lately I’ve been trying slow myself down. You see, I am so excited for you to be born, much like how excited you’ll be for your birthday or the first day of summer vacation. I’ve been there, anticipating those kinds of events; they increasingly permeate every thought you have until the moment arrives. Almost to the point that the time leading up to the awaited event is lost forever because you’re so focused on what is to come you forget to remember the present. I have the rest of my life to enjoy teaching, learning from and sharing with you. What makes me slow down, and actually makes me sad is knowing I only have two and a half months left (at most) to enjoy the experience happening right now: being pregnant with you. Even if we have another child, I will never experience this again because you are the only Madeline Belle Thurston. Already, you have your own personality that surpasses the walls of my womb. Already, I am in awe of you. And already, you’re growing up too fast.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #6! Vintage Lucy's!

Oh Vintage Lucy's.... I <3 you...

I started stalking Vintage Lucy's long ago... and it was love at first sight... For christmas one year I got the MIL a set of tea towels that STILL look adorable hanging on her stove... and to this day I have a list 10 miles long of all the things I want to trade her for... and everytime she says yeah! Lets do it! And I can't commit because I want it all, lol If #3 ends up being a girl... look out lady, because Ill be banging down your door for all the ADORABLE goodies in your shop. Everything is hand made (duh) super high quality and made to last... worth every penny...
Lets take a moment to drool over all her goods...
i NEEEED this shirt for the boys....
TOSSED SKULL DRESS - Size 3 mos up to womens xxl - TANK OR SHORT SLEEVES
Ugh, i wish i had more time for cutesy dresses like this!!! Jealous.
MOTHERS EVEN WHEN THEIR WRONG THEIR RIGHT - Flour sack kitchen tea towel
also... its official, i need to buy a couple towels tonight to match my new 50's style retro curtains i made tonight... yay! So clearly, as I said... i <3 Vintage Lucy's... her stuffs is ADORABLE... and a need a little of everything. But you need some too right? Well mey BFF Aymee, the guest of honor for this little shindig im hosting was gifted an ADORABLE *Bling kitty* tshirt for Maddie... pink w/ a screened black cat and a little crystal in the eyes... SO cute... and you!? This adorable Hot Rod tshirt on white. Size 18-24 months. Valued at $24...

How do you win?! Like this :)
#1: Make ANY purchase (samples are fine too) from the Vintage Lucy's website... comment with your order # for THREE ENTRIES. (three separate comments for each entry) ***edit: Orders made in the last WEEK will count towards this... just be sure to leave the order #***
#2:  Fan Vintage Lucy's on Facebook.
#3: Become a fan of the ROCKinGreen Facebook page!
#4: Follow @VintageLucys on twitter & @RockerByeBaby and tweet this (come back once a day to tweet for extra entries!)
"Enter 2 win @vintagelucys size 18-24 months Hot Rod tshirt during the #babybloggingbash @rockerbyebaby"
#5: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog!
#6: Follow the Vintage Lucy's blog!
#7: Grab our FLASH button from the sidebar and post it on your website/blog for 2 extra entries (comment twice with the link to where I can find it)
#8: Bonus entry/entries: 
After doing at least THREE of the above entries... the bonus entries are a free for all... as many comments as you want.... BUT the theme is "If you were President. What law(s) would you pass to benefit your CHILDRENS future... 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #5! SugarBabyLove!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this shop... Im So exited to share this giveaway with you guys. I found this Sugar Baby Love on etsy last month and i am SO sad I did not find it sooner.... How does such an adorable AND affordable shop have so few sales?! I dunno, but hopefully we can help change that...
Sugar Baby Love has some of the cutest onesies I have ever seen... AND they're really well made...
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M pink
I love that she uses great quality ringer onesies for bases... and the best quality silk screens... it really makes them even more adorable and stand out from the usual boring gerbers that you find on etsy... and best of all, her designs are totally unique... like the pinstripe bow tie onesie... could this be any cuter!?
BLACK BOW TIE baby bodysuit 6-12M
 I have been looking into wholesaling onesies for the RBB website... maybe these are the winner... But there are so many cute ones I dont know how i would choose!!!
COOL BABIES WEAR BLACK baby bodysuit 3-6M grey on black
Mrs. Aymee Danger was given this one (below) for her baby shower gift, and i gotta be honest, i just CAN'T WAIT to see it on Maddie... Its such a fun & adorable design... And just $12 for all this cuteness! She also has a 3 for $30 option... Total steal... just $10 each!!
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M black
And one lucky winner of the giveaway gets this one in a size 6/12 months! I LOVE IT, and in my head... you could totally rock it for either gender... this with a cute little jean skirt and some leggings would be ADORABLE! Girls can wear blue too!!!
GREEN SKULLS and STARS baby bodysuit 3-6M white

How to win:
#1: (MANDATORY) Go to the SUGAR BABY LOVE etsy shop...
Heart TWO of her items, AND heart/favorite her store... then come back here and then come back here tell me that you did that...
#2: Then its a free for all... comment AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, about your parenting fears... all parents have fears... new moms... young moms... single moms... there are a million things to "worry" about... I want you to tell me as many of those fears and you want to share... and then tell me how you get over/adjust to them.
#3: If you love us you can tweet about this once an hour for an extra entry :)
"Enter to win a skulls & stars onesie from SugarBabyLove at the @rockerbyebaby blog during the #babybloggingbash"