Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WINNERS of the BABYBLOGGINGBASH! (will keep updating here!)

***In order to not lose my mind, lol i will contact you ALL after all the giveaways have ended and will ship them all at the same time :)***

The two winners of the Libertys Belle diaper soakers giveaway are:
#7 - Nicole Renee said... 7
I follow you! moderndayverona at gmail dot com

#122 - taylorUSMCwife said... 122

taylacy504 at yahoo dot com

And the winner of the Sarah Sewta Giveaway isssssssssssss:
GreenPunkMama said... 33
I Heart the SarahSewta etsy shop & 2 items!!

BabyBooFelt Fabric Block: Twitter Giveaway - SnowflakeDay!

Sugar Baby Love onesie:
Laughing With Leslie! How funny is this... or all the numbers between 1 & 89... picked #1.
Winner of the Rockin' Green Giveaway!

Slee said... 117

RnG FB fan

Sarah said... 134

tandsplus5 (at)

Kim said... 55

fan of rockerbybaby on fb
kimhigueria at gmail dot com

Winner of the Hello Pretty Bird Live giveaway is:

A Family Completed... said... 90
I love going to Chuck E Cheese again. Man I missed skee ball, and boy my kids get excited with all those tickets :)

Lynn said... 15

I follow RBB on Twitter!

Sarah said... 57

Loooove the Colby <3
tandsplus5 (at)

AND *drummroll please*
winner of the Jewelias Closet Giveaway:
All 322 comments... and it picked #10, hahahaha

stOOpidgErL said... 10

ALL of the shoes are awesome!! I really love these~


  1. congrats winners!

    Just curious, who's the other Rockin Green Soap winner? one got a full bag & the other gets 2 samples right? ;o)

  2. Thanks so much! I actually was thinking of going to Chuck E Cheese today, lol. I really do love that place.

  3. Eeee! I am so excited!! :D Thank you, Miss RockerBye!!! <3