Monday, December 10, 2012

That moment: Needed.

That moment...
When the baby wakes up from what I assume to be a nightmare - crying the saddest cry with the biggest crocodile tears... and before I could even reach all the way down the crib she was already clung around my neck pulling and climbing herself up... She nuzzled in... she held herself around my neck SO tightly. Sniffled... sighed... and her breathing slowed... her heart stopped pounding so fast. She loosened her grip... We sat down in the rocker that my great grandma rocked my grandpa in... and my grandma rocked my mom in... and my mom rocked me in... and I've rocked my babies in... she drifted off to sleep... every time I even THOUGHT about putting her down she'd take a deep breath like - "don't even think about it mom"... so we rocked... and rocked... and rocked... and I touched... and stared... and kissed... and I missed you... I miss you every day... every day I have to work... every day I run to the store... every day I wake up and you've been sleeping all night... Every day that you've grown and changed from that tiny baby I brought home... and it was That Moment... that I wondered who needed who more?

Am I comforting her? Or is she comforting me? I always say how much I needed her... It wasn't just a want for a girl... I needed one. And even more so - I needed her... There is just something about that girl. The bond that I have with her in indescribable... Not more than the boys of course, just different. Everyone needs a Rozzlyn Marie. But Im the luckiest person on earth because I have her... I feel like she's all the best parts of Zaq and I... She's so funny, and so incredibly smart... and just. so. damn. cute. She melts me daily... literally a mushy - gushy - aweeeeeeeeee... kinda melting. She has my big eyes and lashes... Zaq's big squishy lips. The most perfect little nose... and best buddha belly... *sigh* just perfection. I think back sometimes to the two miscarriages I had before her. What a nightmare that was... and we stopped trying for 6 months because I thought - I can't handle this one more time. It's just too much. Finally at the end of that 6 months I was ready to give it one more go... and I got her... all I wanted was a healthy baby... and instead I got the most amazing, perfect, healthy, beautiful baby girl I could ever imagine. And I can't even begin to think about what I would be missing had I decided it wasn't worth the risk to try again... Everything happens for a reason. Right?

Nuby No Spill Sport Sipper

I may have a new favorite kid cup! Ok - Ill admit it... Im totally THAT MOM. If my kids want something to drink and its not at my table - its going in a sippy cup. I still cringe every time my husbands since down with a soda on the couch. I want to get him a bib and a bottle nipple, lol I mean... its an offwhite couch and I have three kids and a husband. I have to be careful. LOL

I also send them to bed with a sippy cup of water... Maybe its too many scary movies, but Im always freaked about a random house spider or something crawling in or *shivers* ok, you get it... moving on. They also like to be able to put it in bed with them for easy access - but not have to worry about spilling it...

Here is my dilemma - like most big boys would, they complain all the sippy cups are for babies... and my complaint? Most of the big boy ones come with far too many parts to keep track of and properly cleaned... except for these. Im sold.

The Nuby No Spill Sport sipper is my hero. Just the one silicone spout pops out for SUPER easy cleaning... and my favorite - dishwasher safe... there are grippers on the sides so they're easy to hold on to... and they come in bright bold colors so I grabbed a blue and a green for the boys' favorite colors. They love them and specifically ask for them every day and before bed. Im thinking about tossing all the others (or donating them) and buying a couple more of these so Im not washing them 100 times a day, lol.

I highly recommend you running out to grab some! I grabbed mine at walmart for just a $2.97 each.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Nuby Embossed section plate video review

Sick house, but a happy baby eating out of her Nuby Embossed section plate! There really isn't a Nuby goodie that we don't love... I want em all!
"Nûby™ feeding accessories are made to withstand the challenges of daily use and retain their bright colors and resilience. This sectioned toddler plate is ideal for children who are beginning to feed themselves. It is suitable for warm or cold foods."

Monday, December 03, 2012

Nuby Video Review for the Tickle Toes Hippo!

Love love LOVE this tickle toes Hippo!! And of course, so does Ms. Rozzlyn... this fake laugh just CRACKS ME UP! If you don't yet have one - I recommend you run out and get one to put under the tree...

"Hilariously funny, the Nûby™ Tickle Toes™ are soft, adorable and make the perfect playmate for your child. A gentle squeeze of the foot makes the character giggle and chuckle and is guaranteed to have you and your child do the same. Choose from the wide range of popular children’s characters or better still, collect them all!"

Friday, November 30, 2012

Nuby Tug Toy Rabbit Video Review

Ok - so I mentioned on the last video review - that I looked like a total goofball... It was untrue... in THIS video review for the Nuby Tug Toy Rabbit I am officially... a HUGE... goofball. But its by far one of our new favorite toys :) Enjoy!

"Nûby™ Teether Tugz™ toys are playful characters that are cuddly and comforting. The mix of different fabrics make them super soft for your baby to cuddle, while the textured teething parts on the end of their ears help soothe and comfort teething toddlers."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Help us bring RockerByeBaby tshirts to print!

A couple weeks ago we started an awesome project on Kickstarter. We are looking for supporters to help us bring RockerByeBaby t-shirts to life! We have been day dreaming about this for years - and its time to make it real... but I need your help! Kickstarter offers an amazing platform to help businesses get the jump start they need to produce new items... You can donate money, or just preorder items... or even buy advertising on our new website... $1-$100... anything is appreciated. If you can help us reach our goal Id be ever so grateful!! Follow this link: Make your pledge... and get us one step closer to our goal!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nuby Easy Grip Bowl with Long Handle Spoon video review!

Want to hear me sound like a total goofball? Well now is your chance!! Check out this video review that I did on my new favorite Nuby product! The Nuby sectioned Easy Grip Bowl.
"Our sectioned Easy Grip™ Bowl is perfect for feeding time because it is easy for mom to hold and has multiple compartments for different foods. The soft ergonomic design of the thumb rest allows the bowl to be held with either hand in a comfortable and more natural feeding position. It comes with a seal-tight lid that features an automatic steam vent which allows the sealed bowl to be microwaved safely. This unique feature prevents nasty splashes in the microwave and allows the bowl to go from refrigerator to microwave without any problems. This bowl comes complete with a uniquely designed long handle spoon which helps make feeding time easier for mom and baby. Its long handle design makes reaching the bottom of taller baby jars and bowls easy - no more messy finger tips!"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Wish Lists... Ms. Rozzlyn...

AHHHH! I could go on for hours and hours putting together all the things I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to have for Ms. Rozzlyn. But I won't... Ill just put together my 5 favorites so you can drool over them with me too :)

Rocky The Zombie: Time for the next size up! 1/2 for Ms. Rozz!

Quinn: Because we CAN NOT have too many rag dolls :)

Wooden Name Puzzle: Because we want every wooden puzzle we can get our hands on... but we NEEEEED one that says Rozzlyn in cute pastels! :)
CaustinThreads: Because Cupcakes & Skulls are two of our favorite things. Pink in 18 months!

TwoChicksandaFish: Im so totally in love with these waldorf style unicorns... I think we need a white one with rainbow hair!

BellasLilBoutique: Rozz is getting to the age when she's interested in coloring... some nice big chunky crayons would be AWESOME for her to grab on to and scribble with.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Wish Lists... Me first!

Its that time of year again... where i begin drooling over oodles and oodles of etsy goodies that I would just LOVE to have for myself and or the kids... Ill spend the next 4 days putting together the ultimate etsy wish lists for me and the kiddo's :) and maybe daddy too....

My favorites!
#1: Missy Industry: I WILL have this skull ring someday... and this Misfit necklace... does that count as two? Well... as long as they come shipped in the same box - its only one.... right?

2: AuntDedesBasement: This necklace holder would be SOOOOO amazing in my bedroom. Must. Have.

3: TieMeUpAprons: Omg. Omg. OMMMMGGGGG. I need this for baking. Eating low carb now I do a lot of from scratch dessert baking.... and I NEEEEED this. Need. Not want. Need. Its Kawaii. And Cupcakes. and a Panda. Enough said.
4: ReLovePlanet: Unicorns? And Rainbows? On a slouchy pink hoodie? duh.
5:Elsiegeneva - Crochet Hook Case - another NEED since they're all sitting in a wamart bag right now... would be nice to have a little organization for my new hobby!

That concludes my top 5 Etsy wish list Christmas goodies!! If anyone of you would like to do a review & giveaway here at the blog/facebook I'd love to host you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Its been a month, forgive me? How about with a Nuby giveaway??

Its been a month since I blogged... Zaq has been on tour now for 5 weeks... were down to the home stretch and he will be back on Sunday... meaning things will get back to normal... well kinda. It seems like every time he comes back after a long trip - its just a different kind of normal to get used to... then by the time I do he's headed out on the road again. Im sure you military mamas know how I feel... Anyways - I appreciate those of you that are still hanging around... can you forgive me? How about with a Nuby giveaway?? I think that would be a GREAT way to kick off the week AND get your attention again :)

Today Ill be giving away a little 4 pack of goodies for you! Mrs Rozzlyn is checking it out for you... making sure it passes her strict inspection.
Now the the boss says its ok... lets continue... today's goodies are all kinda of focused around teething & fun.. Some just fun... some just teething... and some are both!

1: Brites Pacifier two Pack and Strap (0-6m) -  "The classic oval baglet with symmetrical shield design ensures that the pacifier always fits in your baby’s mouth. Nuby’s air system allows air to circulate between baby’s delicate skin & pacifier. The pacifiers come in various fun bright colors and designs!"  2: Softees Soft Silicone Teether -  "The new Softees™ Soft Silicone teether’s unique textured design provides comfort to baby’s delicate gums. It provides stimulus to the lips and tongue which promote the transition from nursing to chewing. Includes hygienic carrying case." 

3: Teething Blanket -  "The Nûby™ Teething blanket is designed to comfort and soothe your toddler through the teething process. The multiple teething surfaces on each corner allow your baby to chew and cut their first teeth, relieving sore and sensitive gums. The blanket crinkles and squeaks with a gentle squeeze of the soft fun characters and helps stimulate your baby’s senses and imagination."  4:  "These Safari Chimes™, by Nûby™, are additional interactive toys that blend both fun and function. They feature bright colors, playful sounds, a variety of textures and fun characters that are sure to captivate your baby's imagination. Additionally, they hang from a clip that easily attaches to stroller, high chair, car seat, etc."

Of all the items in this giveaway - the teether has to be my favorite... they're SO SO cool... the silicone is that perfect combo of hard and soft for a teething baby... Rozzlyn LOVED all the little nubs and textures it features... and my favorite part was the hygienic carrying case... It was nice that it always had a clean home and wouldn't be pulled from the diaper bag covered in lint, smooshed crackers and who knows what else :)

So there ya have it! My attempt at bribery for you to love me... and forgive me for the unplanned and unwanted break. I promise Ill try my best to be better again! Now... go enter!

To enter: 
*Each # below is a separate entry, comment below (in separate comments) which each number you complete... The #10 entry is MANDATORY - each extra (1-9) are extra chances at being entered!
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Nuby in the Community!

A little over a week ago was my turn for the Nuby in the Community project!
I teamed up with a local day care owner/friend of mine Jamie - to see if we could get together with all the kids and do a fun project. Together we are both seamstresses as well, so it seemed only natural that we would do something fabric/sewing related. What we came up with was to buy a bunch of fabric and a bunch of markers and let the kids go to town coloring and drawing pictures... we then would sew them all together and donate them to a local shelter or elderly home. IT was the perfect idea :) The pictures following are of all the fun we had making it happen.

First - we followed lunch up with some water in our new Nuby sippies!

Then we dove right in coloring on all the fabric. We had multiple different colors and prints of fabric... and a rainbow of Sharpies to make it beautiful. I must note... sharpies for toddlers probably wasn't my best idea.... haha we ended up with quite a bit on hands and clothes. OOPS! But they still turned out great so Id call that a success!

We really had a great time, and I am so glad to have been able to be a part of it and the Nuby in The Community project. Look forward to the next one to come!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween Skeleton Favorites!

Check out some of these awesome skeleton themed items we found on Etsy!
Click the photos to see their listings with pricing, seller, and detail information :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Summer Lovin...

*sings* Summer Lovin'... had me a blast...
What a fun weekend! We spent pretty much the whole day outside...
We did water balloons...
*spent about 20 minutes filling them... and they were gone in 3 minutes*
but it was a blast and worth every second!
*Izzaq - Gracie - Zavery*

Then we pulled out the sprinkler... and the kids spent about an hour chasing Gracie around. They both absolutely adore her... and are convinced every day that she has to choose which Zrust boy she will marry... Im so not ready for this - and am doomed by the time they turn 13.
Ladies First!

Lastly - after almost drowning while trying to drink from the sprinkler... we headed in for the day for a family movie night... what a great day... don't you wish sometimes that real life could be this? Just playing and fun... no worries, no bills, no work... just. summer. lovin'.