Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Wish Lists... Ms. Rozzlyn...

AHHHH! I could go on for hours and hours putting together all the things I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to have for Ms. Rozzlyn. But I won't... Ill just put together my 5 favorites so you can drool over them with me too :)

Rocky The Zombie: Time for the next size up! 1/2 for Ms. Rozz!

Quinn: Because we CAN NOT have too many rag dolls :)

Wooden Name Puzzle: Because we want every wooden puzzle we can get our hands on... but we NEEEEED one that says Rozzlyn in cute pastels! :)
CaustinThreads: Because Cupcakes & Skulls are two of our favorite things. Pink in 18 months!

TwoChicksandaFish: Im so totally in love with these waldorf style unicorns... I think we need a white one with rainbow hair!

BellasLilBoutique: Rozz is getting to the age when she's interested in coloring... some nice big chunky crayons would be AWESOME for her to grab on to and scribble with.


  1. WOW! these are really great finds! I think my girls would love a lot of these items! thank you so much for including me!

  2. Hey Amber! Love all the great choices! Thanks so much for featuring Quinn!
    Little Kitten

  3. Great finds as usual! And RockyTheZombie are a must for every age and size!

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