Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bring your baby to work day...

Had an awesome time going to see Motion City Soundtrack last night... They were amazing as usual and I loved hearing all the new tunes. But I gotta say... my favorite part of the show was when Josh's daughter Dot came out to play.
She absolutely just adored watching him play...

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this one I took...

And this one was the beginning of the Dot dance party :) "Bring your daughter to work day with @motioncitysoundtrack @motioncitymusic. (photo @joelemke)"

Dot had been around this scene since she was only weeks old... I remember holding her first time on the back of the MCS bus... so teeny tiny, a full head of dark hair and wrapped up in RockerByeBaby... man, TIME FLIES!

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  1. aw this makes my heart melt! yay for kids and punk rock! for aiden's first birthday i took him to see green day at GASP a stroller friendly venue