Sunday, November 29, 2009

Something to be thankful for...

So - let me start this out with saying I hate Thanksgiving... I hate the holidays... and it hate it all even more being so far away from family... When I was 13 my parents split... then my grandpa died about a week before Thanksgiving... But the time Thanksgiving had actrually rolled aroun we were so tired of Ham, Turkey & casseroles that we actually made Turkey Taco's & burritos for dinner that year. Let me tell ya, it made it hard to be thankful that Thanksgiving... But every year it gets a little easier... instead of being angry... instead of crying... now I just spend the week a little sad... trying to make the best of the day... and get it over with as fast as possible. But, Im always trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. And this year... it was easier to find that flickering light... the store has been super busy... thus I have busting my butt and staying distracted... this year I did a big push for Black Friday... worked all wednesday and half of Thanksgiving just trying to get ready for it... and biggest kicker to a good Thanksgiving? Hubby did it all!

The day started out with me totally screwing up some Blueberry pancakes... lol the MIL was missing the boys and always made them Blueberry pancakes in the mornings when she had them, so she sent a box of mix in a goodie box last week to make for Thanksgiving breakfast :) I totally destroyed the first two... "thankfully" daddy stepped in and took over... doing a MUCH better job than I did.... either way... the toddlers ate them. We didn't have a "who's was better" contest... but if we did, I probably would have won. lol

After breakfast there was lots of snuggling... watching the Macy's parade... dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba... watching movies...
and prepping dinner... yes... while wearing grown man butt drop zip up feety jammies.

it was nice... after that the babies napped... we hung out... daddy watched football while I took photos and listed all the new goodies you now see in the shop, well... whats left of them... :) And then when the boys got up we started putting together the tree...

I love my tree... its big and full... 9ft tall... Full of pink purple and black glitter ornaments... Skeleton hands made by me with cute little matching bows added to them... handmade skulls from etsy.. and awesome dark pink and purple damask ribbons and matching tree skirt... oh, and lets not forget the lineup of Nightmare Before Christmas Stockings ;)

I suppose if you have to do Christmas... you should do it up right, lol And in this family... that means lots of skulls, pink, black & glitter, lol
Finally - the feast was ready... it was about 3 days worth of food for zaq, myself and the boys... aparently you can't make thanksgiving dinner for just a couple people, lol It was amazing... He hit a total of 3 out of 4 things right on... The turkey was possibly the best I had EVER had... and a close second was the home made mashed potatoes.... i was actually excited to eat it the next day... the rolls... so warm and yummy... the stuffing? FAIL! lol it was dry, crunchy, hard... and sadly... it all ended up in the trash except for what we tried to eat, lol He did SOO great though. I was proud...

So thats it guys... Thanksgiving turned out to be a pretty decent day after all... But just like Brooke said in her blog... Im thankful for my friends and family every day... and every day I kiss on them and love on them... and tell them thank you every time im thankful.. I don't need a day called Thanksgiving to be thankful... let alone a day dedicated to food and football... and family when their not doing one of the other twothings... I just need my friends & my family... every day... and for them to love me like i love them.


  1. I love all the amazing pictures in this entry Amber!

    And you are right, you don't have to be thankful just one day and make a huge feast and pretend like many people may...

  2. Wow, are those stockings cute or what?! I better not let Marty see that picture of Zac in his pj's....;)

  3. I miss you all so made me cry. I'm glad you have a great guy like Zaqq to make your day better and 2 beautiful boys that love you a bunch.
    Love you Always,
    Aunt Chell

  4. I must knw where he got those pajamas. I've been looking for pajamas like that for my bf and those even have guitars on them :o