Friday, March 04, 2011

Favorites Friday: Cameras!

There's no doubt that we love photography... we love taking photos, editing them, and can sure appreciate the people that are WAY better at it than us, like AE Photography, StoopidGerl & Beki Dawn Photography... So this Favorites Friday is dedicated to all the fun of photography :)
(click to enlarge)

#1: TooFashion2010 - Pretty Retro Silver Black Camera Pendant
#2: BarrelofMonkeys - I shoot with a *camera* button
#3: LuckyStraps - Damask Camera Strap with Minky Lining
#4: MoonFaces - Vintage Camera Carnival tickets
#5: Jillein Photography - Vintage Damask Camera Brownie Target Fine Art
#6: TimeLessThings - Vintage camera note cards
#7: MaddieBee123 - Damask Lens Case
#8: AForestFrolic - Camera Gift Tags
#9: Snugglens - Ready to Ship Dslr hobo Camera Bag

If any of you awesome sellers would like to host a review & giveaway please let us know, we would love to have you!!


  1. Great theme!! Thanks so much for including my lens case!!

  2. Love all the items yhou picked!!!

  3. I love many of these, and I had to go check them! Thank you for these great picks for anyone for a love of photography, Amber!

  4. Wonderful! Thanks for including my pinback buttons!

  5. Super Sweet finds lady ;) I looove photography too, yay! Thanks for including my click click camera love gift tags.

    Jamie :)

  6. Very cool! Thanks so much for including my Vintage Style Hand Stamped Camera Carnival Tickets!