Monday, March 07, 2011

Mentoring Monday: Another Chapter - Belly Week 7

Aymee & Adam used to write this post - but they have gotten crazy busy between Maddie, School & Work... and perfect timing, why? Because now I am pregnant again... so I guess its my turn to take over :)

This week has been brutal. The first few weeks were great... I felt great, I was a little tired but that was all... this week - totally different. I wake up trying to keep my mouth shut for fear of what will come out of it... I rush to the kitchen to try to plug my nose and swallow anything that I can manage to choke down... the stand there and just... breathe..... and hope for the best. I have been OH so sick. Nothing sounds goood... and even when I do eat, its a challenge to keep it down... I was never like this with the boys so its a totally new pregnancy chapter for me. MANY of you have given me some great tips to try... and the top choices so far are #1: Preggie Pops...  I rushed and ordered these right away... Can't wait to try them! Hopefully they will bring be some releif... #2: Tip - Ginger... apparently ANYTHING with Ginger seems to be a hit... Ginger Tea, Ginger Ale and I hear Dried Ginger is like Candy! WOo Hoo! #3 of course is crackers... I guess its a good idea to keep some by the bed... some be the couch... some by in the kitchen, in my purse and in my car... for whatever reason - they seem to help when I can't eat anything else... and last but not least, my only hope is to NOT get hungry... morning is bad because I havn't eaten in over 12 hours. Once I get some food, i feel a little better, then I eat a bagel an hour or 2 later... then some lunch... then a cheese stick... and some Wheat Thins... and then dinner... thats my secret. Over ALL the other things - that is the most important one I have found... if I can keep myself from being hungry I feel 100 X's better... not perfect, but at least functional. If any of you have any other tips,  I would love to hear it... anything to help is worth a try!

So that is my week 7 in a nutshell... sickies, tired & pretty crabby but staying positive... why? Cuz there is an amazing baby Z #3 growing inside of me... and I couldn't be happier about it :)


  1. Once again, congratulations Amber! And I hope all the advice you've got already, and any new tips will help you get over the morning sickness and just general being tired!

  2. *waves* hiii baby!!!
    I hope you start to feel better. I think I was over 12 weeks before I really stopped feeling barfy. look gorgeous as always mama :)

  3. Awwww- look at that adorable bump! I am SO happy this is working out- and by the way, I found Cheerios to be a good substitute when crackers get old :) I pretty much didn't eat during trimester one, then trimester two came along, I craved Red Lobster, and the boy rushed me there immediately because I ACTUALLY WANTED TO EAT, haha :)

  4. Congrats Amber on baby #3!! I wanted to let you know when i was pregnant for the twins i had morning sickness like crazy!! The only thing that worked for me were the sea sick bands that you wear on your wrist!! They are great!! I am pretty sure you can get them at Walmart or TARGET!! Hope that helps!!

  5. Congratulations! That's fabulous news! I've been feeling the same this week - except mine is a tummy bug, not pregnancy, so I suppose at least you've got something to show for it! hehe!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. <3 <3 <3
    This makes me really happy. Not that you're having such a tough time, but that you're experiencing all normal signs of a healthy pregnancy. And that you get to document this pregnancy every step of the way. That's huge.

    In a way, it takes me back to when we first met. :) I'm going to love the crap out of your baby. haha! Love you dear.

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