Monday, April 02, 2012

Ms. Princess has a tummy ache :(

 We started some solids with Ms. Rozz... and after a couple weeks of trying different things, I screwed up and gave her a breakfast of fresh pureed organic bananas mixed with rice cereal. *dumb dumb dumb* My poor little lady has been "backed up" to put it nicely... So, I cut the cereal totally and have been giving her lots of fruits hoping to stir things up..... and this morning I even gave her some watered down prune juice... but nothing seems to be helping... I know this isn't the most exciting topic of conversation, but I know lots of you understand it... does anyone have any good, natural tips to helping her out? I have been do proud making all my own baby food... but I just want to be sure I'm not making anything that will constipate her. Feel free to post all your baby pooping tips below, haha. Thanks!


  1. Lillian was easily constipated so here's what worked for her :)
    Nice warm bath, make sure it completely covers her tummy, massage her lower belly and then push her knees up to her tummy it will help get things moving :)
    And to help keep things moving some of the best foods are pears, avocados, and sweet potatoes :)

  2. Thanks mama! She pooped in the tub tonight. poor lady! Just glad she got some out... Ill go for the avocado tomorrow. I have some tht needs to get eaten anyways!

  3. When I do solids, I always give to help wash things down is 1 oz of water & 1 oz of white grape juice, helps with the no backing up or does for my little one! I mean it's not tons but he normally only drinks an oz anyways! Around 6 months I'll start a sippy cup instead of the bottle for those! Hope it helps!

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