Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Bees Boutique... GIVEAWAY #3 is NOW OPEN!!
Be still my heart...
Im the happiest girl in the whole world!
Today we got our review goodies from Baby Bees Boutique!
And let me tell you... I was pretty excited...
The items came in cute polkadotted tissue, with a bow and a cute little note...
and ADORABLE little Baby Bees sticker...
I opened it up... and faced a decision... haha
it was SO TOUGH to choose which shirts to review... and which to share...
cuz I wanted em BOTH!
They're so awesome...
which only leads me to believe that EVERYTHING in her shop is awesome...

Im not gunna lie...
I have seen some "screened" onesies on etsy...
and some of them look like good quality...
you get them, and they're crap.
Like, someone printed on a piece of cardboard and glued it to a shirt.
So I am always nervous about screened onesies...
but let me tell you they're fantastic...
super soft...
high quality...
and easy to wash.
The best Ive ever seen...
and on Garanamals and Hanes onesies to boot!
Just turn em inside out to wash them...
and tumble dry on low.

So... now comes the fun sharing part!
I chose... mmmmmmisfits!
Seeing as theyre one of my all time favorites ever...
Check out Zavery Rockin his new shirt with his favorite RockerByeBaby blankie.

Ya jealous yet??
Well... dont be. Because She sent one for you too!
A super cute Stray cats tshirt for the Rockabilly babies at heart!
Its a size 2-3t...
perfect for EVERYONE!!

Pregnant mommies can tuck it away for later... tiny babies will grow... and toddlers can wear it now!
So i wanna see comments... lots and lots and lots of love and comments!!
Go to her shop... tell me about you favorite thing/things, whatever your heart desires...
She has it all... onesies, blankets, loveys, diaper and wipes cases... everything rockin babies need.
Don't forget to leave your email address!!

Now go!! GOOOOO!!!


  1. Amber!
    First off I want to thank you for having such an awesome etsy store and letting me other ones, that I am starting to adore!

    This users store is so large..just wow.

    I noticed she has 414 things for feedback..100% positive.
    That is so impressive.

    I'm a sucker for owls..and there is the perfect "ella the owl" onesie.

    If you can't find something you like from this store..there is something wrong with you!


  2. Okay. I get too excited when I try to leave comments.

    IT should say

    "thanks for letting me see other ones"


  3. Wow, there's something for everyone here! I especially love the onesies! Some of my fav's are the skull baby onesie, my first tattoo onesie , the heart onesie with buttons and of course....the Metallica Onesie! ROCK ON!
    I def. added her right to my favorites! I am psyched to learn of all the DIY items out there and love etsy as well!

  4. Wow, what an amazing shop full of all kind of products!

    Thanks for finding great shops were I can shop for the nephew & nieces!

    I'm absolutely in love with the Sugar Skull onesie!

  5. This is an AMAZING shop! Thanks for posting this - I love that she's unique and not totally "cute" like most baby clothes!

    This, is fantastic

  6. Oh my goodness I love her shop...I especially like the
    "Sancho" onesie/t-shirt...she has some amazing products!!


  7. OMG this site is awsome! Im so excited, im due in March with a little girl. Im always looking for hreat and cool stuff to put my son and soon to be daughter in. Now I found a place where I can get what I want and need for them both.

    Thanks so much :)

  8. How awesome is this! I'm new to etsy, (ok, so i just discovered it yesturday) and i have to say i love the site, and the baby bee's site is ridiculously cool. They have everything from morrissey onesies to awesome accessories. I'm so excited to start shopping there for my two little monsters.


  10. comments, take 1!:

    as a new punk rock mommy, this shop will definitely be added to the hearts list when i finally create my etsy shop! :) there's SO many cute things....since i was pregnant, i have been making quite the deal outta finding punk inspired goods for my little bun, and baby bees is like a one-stop shop! i love that i can find social distortion and other bands i love in there- and not have to worry about dropping loads of the cash i don't have on anything! ;) AND DID I MENTION THAT THE STRAY CATS ARE AN ALL-TIME FAVIE?!?! my bun NEEDS this tee- she already has stray cats hair barrettes and this would go PERFECTLY!!!! AAHH- TOTAL CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!! plus, brian setzer and i have the same birthday, so this tee is this mommy's soulmate....hehe! :)


  11. Thanks for doing the awesome giveaways!
    I love the onsies!

  12. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this so much! I used to have the Mother Berenstain Bears Plastic Squeeze Toy. Awe... memories! I also like the paci clips (girl skull pacifier holder with eyelash trim is cool).