Monday, January 19, 2009

SoCalBaby... Champagne taste on a beer budget
So Cal Baby...
Ive been eyeing this shop for some time now...
and I am SO beyond happy that I got a chance to do this review.
Their shirts were COMPLETELY beyond my expectations...
Im not sure if its "apropriate" to say... but hey, were a punk rock blog...
they are TOTALLY a champagne taste on a beer budget.
When I got my shirt I was blown away.
I would NOT have guessed that they were handmade.
The quality is outstanding...
Just amazing... like something you would buy out of any random store.
So professional... high quality screening, high quality shirts.
And they are cheap!
Tees and onesies range only $12-$14
Go to hot topic and TRY to find something similar and your gunna spend $20-$25...
its gunna be crappy quality... and just like every other "punk rock" baby out there...
be punk rock... buy DIY! haha...

SO yeah, Im in love with So Cal baby... madly in love...
Can I give you a peek of my FAVORITE thing in the shop!?
And I dont even have a baby girl... but, i want it...

And its just $14... Yeah, thats a steal...
Now, my punk rock mom trick to you...
I buy tshirts... i buy EVERYTHING in tshirts...
a size 12 months tshirt, will last you about 2 years
a size 12 months onesie last about 6 months because they grow so long so quickly.
This one though, I wouldn't care, it will be mine someday, haha
Speaking of which...
another great perk of So Cal Baby is that ALMOST all of their onesies...
are available as t-shirts... thats HUGE for me.
Slowly but surely Ill stock up on the So Cal baby shirts.
Have a new one for every day of the week... times 2 for my baby boys. :)
They have the best of everything...
Classic Cadillac t's. I love Daddy's tattoos... Zaq's favorite, the Day of the Dead Sugar skull t...
and MY personal favorite... "All mommy wanted was a backrub"
Yep... not thats a classic :)
Check them out, you'll love them.
I promise... spend a few bucks... her shop is TOTALLY worth it.
But, if the wallets full of cob webs... send her shop a heart...
leave us a comment here at the blog...
and be entered to win a shirt of your own.
She has been generous enough to send us 2 shirts.
One for the boys to test out (that you will see tomorrow)
and one for you!
The winner gets this AWESOME Cadillac tshirt, its a size 2t.

Good sized too, I would put money on it fitting a 3 year old even...
so give it a go.... or give it as a gift... keep it for the future...
whatever your little heart desires...
tell us about your favorite thing/things in her shop and DONT FORGET to leave your email!!

So Cal Baby Shop


  1. Omg that shop is awesome! I love the skully tee.

  2. Sooo many cute things!!

    I'm absolutely in love with the Valentines' dress!!

  3. amber, you rock! Thanks for showin' SO Cal Baby some love!!

    lovin' the champagne taste on a beer budget~haha!

  4. i just bought the cherry print dress for my neice and the thats how i roll shirt for my nephew who is 6 months. i absolutely LOVE socalbaby.

    once i have kids of my own, you bet they are totally wearing it!!

  5. All my fave baby clothes is SoCalBaby! This shop RAWKS as my daughter would say! I've got gear for my 9 month old, my 4 year old and even my diaper bag. DH got the Skull family stickers for the car, so even he rocks the SCB every day. In a crowd of Carters and OshKosh, I'm glad my girls stand out!

  6. This store looks awesome.
    I love the zebra print items [I'm a sucker for it]

    The lock up your daughters tee is something I want to buy my friend..who's sons name is Locke!

    Suuuch a cute store.
    I'm impressed

  7. The clothing and hats that they have in their store are just so awesome! I will definatly be getting some stuff for my son in the future. They also have these family stickers that are so cute. They are one of kind punk rock families so, instead of those seen everywhere flip flops and stick figures. The prices are so much better than Hot Topic, No Fear and all those other stores, plus when I tell my boyfriend how much I spent (or will spend) I can show him that I got a opposed to showing him one onesie that I spend $30.00 on.

  8. I LOVE THE COLOR SKULL SHIRT!! It is perfect! I already have 3 of their shirts and the quality is great!

  9. I absolutley LOVE all these cute baby clothes! I have a beautiful 4 month old daughter and will be shopping for her here ALOT! Love LoVE Love the dresses! I will definately be telling a few friends( and even Frenemies)about this store. Thanx!

  10. love love the dia de muerte onesies. but my absolute fav thing on the whole site, and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna buy it is the "i heart my mommy's tattoos." i see the i love my daddy's everywhere, but the i love my mommy's one is perfect. i've been screenprinting my own for a while now that say the same thing but not even close to how cute so-cal baby's are. so in love with this boutique, and even more in love with the prices!!
    is veezie the goddess

  11. i love them they are so vute..

  12. LOVED LOVED LOVED this shop!!!


  13. Awesome stuff! I love the 'roll' onsie! :D

  14. So many cute things!! My girls dress in the hot topic stuff but ya it is too expensive. This would be a much better place to buy from. SWEET