Saturday, January 03, 2009


I gotta say, when we started this idea, I knew who our first choice was gunna be...
Hands down, it went to Rocky the Zombie...
Not only has Rocky been a great friend to us, but her shirts, onesies and paintings are #1...
Her designs are all original, hand painted by her.
We are now owners of... I believe 7 Rocky shirts...
all different little zombie scenes... and colors... all equally adorable...
and now TWO custom pirate zombie paintings for the boys' pirate room.
If you check out her website...
You will even see my boys modeling some shirts for her!

Hey everyone... there she blows, our first ever Review/Giveaway blog...

Now, a little about her stuff...
Each shirt from Rocky is high quality.
She uses top of the line t-shirts...
they are super soft and the best feature, is they hardly shrink!
I HATE the first time you wash that perfect fitting baby t... and it ends up about half the size...
bluhh... you hate it too... i know it... ;)
Well, never fear, Rocky's stuff will not fail you.
Easy to wash... just throw it in the washer on cold like normal...
none of that fru-fru hand washing dry cleaning hub-ub... :)
Pull it out, throw it on a hanger and let it dry.
Easy as pie...

Heres the best part...
As part of the "review" process...
Were going a giveaway!!
Woo hoO!
*and the crowd goes wild...*
Rocky is giving away a FREE... i say FREEEEEE
8x8 zombie painting!
All you have to do is leave us a comment...
Here @ the BLOG... )
with your email address...
telling us your favorite rocky item in her shop.
Here's the winning item!

Alright guys! Go for it...
Love it... Good luck! and Goodnight :)


  1. I obviously love the rocky shirt I bought for Isabella but I will probably be getting some of her awesome paintings for her room. I am totally loving this

  2. I absolutely love her stuff!! I own three of her tees (I got one in pink, one in blue, one in black, my fave colours!) and I love them three!!

    I've been trying to decide if I allow myself a painting or not for a while, so I've been eyeing this since she listed it! I'll probably be getting it either for myself (yes, I'm a very pink person!) or for a friend of mine that has just moved!

  3. Oh my gosh. Why did I not know about this etsy user sooner!?!

    I can honestly say that each one of these items are awesome.

    I know what I'll be doing when I get paid next week.

    It really was hard to pick just one. But I definitely have my eye on "zombies love stars pink and each other" tee. It is absolutely adorable.

    Thanks for letting me know this user existed!!!


  4. Next year I am going to contact her waaaaaaaay before the holidays to make sure she has the size I need, My son was a bit dissappointed I couldnt get this
    for his gf. MY FAULT wont happen again!

  5. My favorite design because it reminds me of my dog Heny -

    My husband and I both have this design on a tee!! RockytheZombie is just full of awesome and the sweetest seller to boot!

  6. Um, that's HENRY, not Heny, lol

  7. WOW! I LOVE her stuff! So talented! I def. went right to etsy and added her as a favorite! the painting is adorable! OMG, we are painting our girls room and one of her paintings would just finish the room off completely! Glad to know of her! thanks!!!


  8. i so love her stuff... that painting is great! my fav item is
    thanks for letting me know about this great store on etsy!

  9. I'm digging the zombies, that's for sure. Its hard to simply pick one favorite, really. I think I'd say that the Green Zombie t-shirt for toddlers might be my favorite because my son is a huge zombie fan.

    However, to be honest I think my favorite item is (The Skeleton Hands Hair Clips) because I got myself a pair of these (not the same ones, but something similar) while I was pregnant with my baby girl and I haven't been able to find anything like them since. I'm pretty sure I'll be investing in those when i get paid because I always wanted to get Izzie a pair of them too. :)

    Andddd, by the way.
    Email address is

  10. absolutely love the orange octopus painting. its bright and vibrant and even tho her zombies are bitchin' i'm a beach person and i love anything with the seeeaaaa!

    if it wasn't reserved already it would be. i think she has the perfect blend of cute and creepy. there's a certain graffiti quality there too, that i love.

    will definitely be getting myself some rocky stuff soon. i mean, my kids. yeah, its for my kids... right...

  11. I love etsy...and this is my first time visiting rockythezombies shop...i love the the cupcake and zombie kids shirt and the painting i would love to hang in my one year old daughters room she wears her room is decorate with pink and cartoon skulls so this would fit in perfect!

  12. I seriously love you all.

    Thank you so much.. I feel all inspired to make even more stuff <3