Monday, March 16, 2009

A Buncha Stuff for a Buncha Kids!!

I kid you not, I have just gotten the CUTEST 100% handmade shirt for the rugrat.
ABunchaKids... they rock...
and no joke... their slogan is true...
A buncha stuff, for a buncha kids...
Felt food...§ion_id=5266907
Cloth Diapers...§ion_id=5266905
and.... some rad friggen clothes...§ion_id=5742792
a whole buncha stuff.

These shirts rock...
totally handmade... and amazing fabric...
not thin t-shirt fabric... but not thick sweatshirt fabric...
the perfect mixture in between...
great all year round...
And lets not forget... its freakin' adorable!!
Check it out!

*enter pity party here...
my little man looks like such a big boy in this picture... aweeeeeeeee...
end pity party*
Anyways... best shirt ever... sooooooooo cute.
So ridiculasly well made.
And stretchy so there's plenty of room to grow...
It fits my 1 and a half year old... and almost 3 year old... SAME SHIRT!
I couldnt ask for anything better.
Its perfect.
And guess what! As usual... you get one too!!
How cute is this?
Girl... boy... unisex... pick your poison!

SO you know how it goes guys...
Leave us a comment with your favorite aBunchaKids item...
tell us why you want this...
2 ways to get extra entries!!
*Buy anything from her and leave us an extra comment telling which awesome bunch of things you bought...
*Blog, bulletin, twitter, facebook, whatever you can think of... about this review and post the link here for an extra entry!

So - three possibly entries this week!!

Thanks so much guys!
Enjoy and GOOD LUCK!!

CONGRATS! Email us with your address!!


  1. I'm absolutely in love with their Easter bunny tee, the hood even has ears!!

  2. I love the Greasemonkey Shirt. My son loves monkeys and he loves helping his Dad around the house and in the garage. His favorite toys right now are his little tools. This would be perfect for him.

  3. I love the Felt Food- Hotdog, chips and a pickle! How adorable! The chips even have ripples! Thanks for the giveaway. mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

  4. I couldn't choose just one item! I love the black and white punk Easter Bunny shirt, defiantly going to have to invest in that for Jacob's first Easter. The fishbowl lounge outfit is cute, but even better is the cloth food. I am going to be working in an at home day care so I am going to reccomend those to my much easier than the boring plastic food. Love it!!!

  5. Too cute!! Last year I got some of the felt food - my daughter loves it, and everyone who comes over comments on it too :)

  6. I love love LOVE her stuff! Right now I am loving that bunny outfit, the tail is just too darn cute.

  7. And last year, I bought her felt Thanksgiving set and gave it as a gift to a friend. They love it. Kids can eat turkey every day. :)

  8. And....I just linked to the contest on my blog. Don't believe me? It is here:

  9. I LOVE the greasemonkey shirt, so so cute! What a great talent.

  10. facebooked about your giveaway and linked to it! oh i hope i win... :)

  11. I have to say...this is one great shop Amber....but that Greasemonkey outfit....WIN! LOVE IT! Plus, that little model is QUITE A HANDSOME little guy!

  12. I love the monkey, but I'd have to girl it up a bit since I call my daughter monkey

  13. I twittered about this...

  14. SUPER cute stuff. I love that monkey shirt! But I REALLY like the skull shirt - where's that?
    I love, love Etsy and blog about it all the time! Here's the blog about your giveaway:
    Thanks, Amber!

  15. ALL of the FELT FOOD. My 2 year old is very into "cooking" these days.