Monday, June 15, 2009

Cloth Diaper Review/Giveaway from 3MonkeysDiapers... totally blew my mind

I hate to start this blog by saying I was wrong...
but its true... I was totally wrong...
I totally underestimated these diapers by 3MonkeysClothDiapers.

#1 - Seeing them in person I was totally blown away.
If I can give ONE constructive criticism for this shop...
*Note to Stacey* TAKE NEW PHOTOS!
Your shop deserves SOOO much more press...
and sharper/more professional photos would make a HUGE difference.
Buy a .50 piece of white poster board... take new photos...
and watch the sales come rollin in :)

#2 - Im totally new to cloth diapering...
from what i had heard around... it was the pocket diapers I wanted...
Again, I was wrong... I want these diapers... about 20 more...
No tucking, twisting... cliping...
everything is right there ready to go...
you just flip it on like a normal diaper.

Due to a secret "HUGE future giveaway" i have in the works...
I have had the opportunity to try out alot of different diapers.
And right now, these are the top of my list...
and Im not just saying that... its totally true.

I was TRYING to get Zavery to soak through this diaper...
I wanted to remind myself why I use disposables...
He had JUST woken from his nap...
I gave him a big ol cup of juice, and cute little skull diaper booty :)

Or course, I had to let him run around naked...
cuz he looked so darn cute...

I started watching the clock... 4:15 we started...
@ 4:45 i pulled off the diaper... he HAD to have "pottied" by then...
nothing... no wetness...
We had dinner plans, so i took a big risk and left him in the diaper...
5:30 I checked again, he was still totally fine... hardly damp...
since our start time he had ANOTHER cup of water... still fine...
reservations were at 6:30... so I took him in, and changed him.
Had I wanted to push it longer I could have.
But i was SO SO SO beyond happy with these results I didnt want to ruin it.

I really can't even explain how happy I am about these diapers...
I wish I would have started from the beginning.
Her diapers are affordable... stylish... and top of the line.
and yes of course, you get to try one too!
Though, let the record state...
I totally want to keep them for myself... haha

So this week... TWO WINNERS...

I have one (L/XL adjustable) purple and pink skulls girlie diaper...

and one (l/xl adjustable) orange and yellow skull and flames diaper...

Even if you dont regularly cloth diaper, i URGE you to comment and try it out.
I'm totally inspired. You will be too!

Ways to Win:
Go to her shop:
or her website...
Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite diaper...
ALSO - Dont forget to tell us which diaper you would like to win...
The Purple Skulls or the Orange Skulls.

Extra Entries:
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  1. I want the pink one for my niece!! My Sister wants to GO GREEN as much as possible and if time permits, my niece is only a year old...She will buy plenty more for the years to come....PLEEAASSEE!! PICK ME!!!

  2. Ok my second:

  3. I love these! Therocker girl one on thewebsite is super cute! I would love to try these on my daughter, she's 16 months. We just moved and finally have our own washer and dyer, so we can try cloth! Plus anything to be greener is awesome in my book!

  4. I just started cloth diapering my twins and I am addicted. It is almost silly how much I love shopping for cloth diapers!!! I like the green jungle one on her etsy shop. I like them all!! Wish I would have known about cloth diapering with my other 3!

  5. I like the orange one. I know a few people who do cloth diapers. Seems to be the trend. I want to try it for when Ben starts potty-training. Cloth supposedly works better for it.

  6. I like the green speckles fabric. I'd love to win the orange and yellow skulls diaper. Pretty cute for a rockin' little boy!

  7. I like the Butter Yellow PUL fabric AIO! I would choose the Purple Skulls! Thanks

    hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

  8. I like the pink monkey heads print, but I am pretty much a plain jane sort of girl, so I'd have to go with the teal PUL material! I have a 15 month old daughter and another baby girl on the way, so I'd have to go with the pink/purple pattern offered in the giveaway! Thanks!

  9. My favorite is the monkey pattern on the diapers on the make your own diapers 2 size.

  10. I follow your blog. (The purple diaper is my favorite but I'd be happy with either!)

  11. i really like the BOOGIE MONSTER AIO Cloth Diaper w/Snaps It would be really nice to be able to try a cloth diaper before making the commitment

  12. By the way, I referred Melissa Savaugeau to you for the blankie. She was at Ben's bday party as well with Baby Will. :)

  13. My favorite diaper cover is the Retro is so cute! My baby brothers were in cloth diapers when they were babies, and I plan on using them for my own children. I would love the pink cover!!!

    My email is:

    Thank you!

  14. BTW I follow your blog too. Purple all the way!

  15. I like the pink monkeys! So cute.

    I prefer the Purple ones. :)

  16. I love the purple one and MONKEY HEADS PINK OR BLUE in the shop!

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  17. follower on blogger
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  18. I like the BLUE MONKEYS Print AIO Cloth Diaper. If I win I'd like the Orange Skulls

  19. I'm following you now :)

    apeak AT hotmail DOT com

  20. I love the Monkey Heads in blue and would like the Orange Skulls if I win.


  21. I really like the monkey heads and the regular monkey patterns. They are so adorable for both boys and girls. I would love to win the girl ones, but if the boy ones are available I will take those too. I have a nephew who could wear the boys ones.

    -contact info:

  22. I left you something on my blog! An award! Go get it~

  23. I love KISS MY BUNS Print! because I literally kiss my baby's buns all the time, too cute!

  24. Hope I didn't miss the deadline! I love cloth diapers...we use Fuzzy bunz but I'm always open to new ones. We love the purple skull one actually I think it's my fav...but I do like the retro butterfly print too. Thanks for the chance, yay!

    Jamie :)

  25. My favorite item is BUGGY Print AIO Cloth Diaper

    I would like to win the Purple Skulls :)

    meninheira at gmail dot com

  26. My favorite diaper would have to be the Rockin Skulls!! I also love the fun print wet bag!

    I would chose the Orange Skulls - but would put my son in the Purple too!

  27. I am now a blog follower!! Yay!

  28. I am following on twitter (eclairemom) and tweeted!!

  29. I love the pink monkeys or cows print! I would love to win the purple skulls.

  30. I love the Purple Camo! I would love to win the purple skulls diaper.

  31. My favorite print is the jungle monkey, since we call C Chunky Monkey. If I win, I would LOVE the orange dipe!!

  32. aww hehe I like the BEER MUG St. Patrick's Day Print AIO Cloth Diaper for my lil guy! Festive bottoms are a good thing! I would love to try the orange skulls. You review has really sold me on them!

    ejsmomej at gmail dot com

  33. I follow your blog!

    ejsmomej at gmail dot com

  34. I follow you on twitter & I tweeted:

    ejsmomej at gmail dot com

  35. Holy crap, the Boogie Monster one on her etsy page is TOO CUTE! I SO want to try these--the orange skull one would be best, but we're not afraid to put our little boy in pink either! I am a new mommy-to-be who's planning on cloth diapering and was planning to buy a bunch of bumgenius ones because I'd read such great reviews. I'm wondering now that you say the pockets aren't as easy, though...and these are so cute! I'd love to try them!

  36. Oh, and I follow your blog too! Does that get me another entry? Because I would really love one of these diapers!

  37. Bought a couple of things! Enter me again please!

    I've never used etsy, so I hope that's the link you wanted...

  38. Bought a couple of things! You said to post it twice, so enter me again please!

  39. I got to try one of her diapers when she first opened her shop - I love it! It's very absorbent, and so cute! It looks like she's made them even better, with one size diapers and snaps!