Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dont miss this one! Barley & Birch Giveaway!

I gotta say - Im in love with Barley & Birch.
If you visit their website...
You will see that its modern clean and bright, just like their products.
At the top of EACH page is a different adorable baby spreading the green word...
such as:
"Owen didnt sweat the big bad wolf, it was deforestation that kept him up at night"
"Luisa had plenty of milk. Still, she worried about the world's supply of fresh drinking water."
Ya know, here @ RockerByeBaby, were not perfect, but Im sure trying.
Inspired by last weeks review we have started cloth diapering part time.
I know I know... part time? Well, I figure its half the diapers in the landfill.
Its gotta be better than nothing, right?
We dont use throw away dishes anymore, at all....
We use reusable bags, and if I can't...
I reuse the plastic one as a trash bag in the bathroom.
For our wedding, I am using trees as my centerpieces...
Not waste, no cut flowers, and afterwards all our family can plant it.

I never used to care until I had kids...
and one day while reading my science book from college...
I read that in the year 2050 fresh water could be like buying gasoline.
Something we take advantage of now...
may not even be there for our kids and grandkids to take a clean bath or shower!!
This is the kind of thing that keeps ME up at night...
What are we doing to our world?
And most of all, what are we doing to our kids?
How can we be good parents when we are destroying their future?
Its time to make a change... its time to take a step in the right direction...
Baby steps...
All of their clothes are made in the USA and 100% Organic cotton...
soft like butter against babies skin...
they also use water-based inks that are gentle on our planet.
and best of all... they're not selfish...
10-30% of all their profits go to organizations to help better our earth.

See how easy it is to help?
Shop, I know you guys are good at it :)
Take a baby step in the right direction, your kids will thank you.
And, look how cute it is! Totally not your typical green wear...
I can't even begin to choose a favorite...
Their t's are awesome...
Bright, colorful, fun...

and it doesnt stop there with Pants, Hats, Tanks and more!

I really want to see these guys succeed in the quest for a greener planet...
Which means, I really want to see YOU GUYS go above and beyond to make this review count.
I want to see lots of tweets, blogs, followers and fans...
Barley & Birch deserve it!

They have been SO generous to let us try out their Monkey's t shirt...
Its so cute... so soft... and perfect for my little Monkeys.
Here's my attempt at a cute Barley & Birch photo :)
Wish it were better quality... but its cute, right!?

and guess what! You get one too!
Two winners will get a free tshirt this week...
I have a size 2t and a size 4t available in the monkey print.

Go check out their site and tell us about your favorite goodies they have up for grabs
Also, dont forget to tell us if you would prefer a size 2t or 4t Monkey Shirt if you win.

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  1. I like their Bluefeet Lap Tee. Cute stuff - and unique.
    2t or 4t would work - my sons in 2t now. Thanks!

  2. Yay! finally a shirt/giveaway my little one could wear! He has had a monkey theme for his whole 5 years of life. We took his pic every month with a stuffed monkey for the first 12 months to see how he grew in comparison. His first birthday was MONKEY! He is our baby Monkey still and we love going green also! Please pick me!

  3. I just posted a comment
    on twitter @2ylight...thanks!

  4. My 2nd Twitter posting

  5. Who won the diaper giveaway? I can't find it.

  6. I love the white pants you pictured and the bag. I want to sew some myself for Christmas presents this year. Ben would need a 2T.

  7. I adore the fishies onesie! how cute is that!!
    If I am the lucky one I would pick size 2T!

  8. I blogged about this here:

  9. ohhh monkey shirt for my monkey!!

    I like this Octi: Tentacles, but without the slime...

    If I win I would need the 2T

  10. Oh I love them all! I especially like the wave one piece and the fishbowl one piece. So cute!

  11. I love those white pants with the fish. They are adorable and Madi would love them!

    She's almost in a 2T.

  12. I'm going to follow and Tweet now.

    Still a 2T! :]

  13. My favorite T-Shirt is Octi. If I were to win I would pick the 2T sized T.


  14. I follow your blog.


  15. I tweeted.


  16. I follow you on Twitter (kiddo47).


  17. I follow Barley and Birch on Twitter and tweeted @barleyandbirch about the giveaway.


  18. I now follow the Barley and Birch blog and commented on this post: http://barleyandbirch.blogspot.com/2009/06/wear-it-wednesday_24.html


  19. I blogged about this giveaway.


  20. i like the Panda onsies
    And would like the monkey tee in 4t
    thanks for the chance!

  21. i want one! 2t or 4t get some promos in Ptown.

  22. My favorite is the Oak: From little acorns... onesie. Very cute and I love orange.

    As for size, it wouldn't matter: 2T or 4T. Either way my daughter is small for her age and will need to take time growing into it!

  23. I love Flowers: Pick me! t-shirt!
    Any size please!!

  24. The flowers! pick me! lap t is too cute as is the panda bear t hehe :O) grove79 at aol.com

  25. The blue feet onesie is so cute. Love that! Many of the screen prints were likable if I can say that. The size 2t or 4t doesn't matter...I have grandsons in both sizes so whichever I get is fine.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing! That's the first I've heard of Barley & Birch, and I'm hooked! It's ever so hard to pick a favorite design, but I suppose mine would be a toss up between the purple flowers and the cactus (or both! one for each kiddo!).

    I'd pick the 2T if I won cause I wouldn't want to wait for my little guy to grow into the 4! I'd have to put it on him right away!!

  27. I'm now going to follow the Barley & Birch website since getting noticed about the giveaway. What great clothes and a wonderful eco-minded business.

    I love the splatter t-shirt, the fishbowl and the monkeys. The tree hat is really adorable too, but my son's head is too big for those cute caps now. :(

    Any size will work - he'll grow into the 4T but would fit the 2T right now.


  28. I love the gazelle t-shirt!

    I have a nice who would love the smaller size and nephew who would dig the larger, so either one would be great!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  29. I really love Oak: From little acorns...onesie. So different! Stands out immediately!

  30. I liked the little acorns onesie. I would like a 2T if I win! Thanks!

  31. I love Bluefeet: Look at 'em groove... t-shirt. I prefer 4T but it doesn't matter 2T too. I have two sons.


    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  32. I love the Palms tank and the Bridge tank (Can you tell I'm from California? ;-) )
    (4t please! My little sister won't be 4 until next year but I think she's a little too big for 2t)

  33. I like "Splatter: Say it loud..." :)
    I prefer 2T but it doesn't matter 3T too.

    meninheira at gmail dot com

  34. I really like the Flowers:; Pick Me! tee! I would like the 2T but the 4T would be great too!

  35. I love the purple tee with the flowers.

  36. Sorry! I forgot to say what size monkey tee. 2T please.

  37. My favorite is the Flowers: Pick me! shirt. I would love the 2T shirt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag

  39. This bay area girl loves the T with the golden gate, but our little monkey would be styling in the 4T. What a great company. Thanks for promoting them!