Monday, December 21, 2009

Punk Rock Shopping Cart Covers!

So - some of you have seen (and some bought) the new boppy covers that my MIL started making to help out with the shop! They rock right? Well this is the last one we have! They sold super duper fast...

*sneak peek*

So in honor of that... she started making shopping cart covers for us!! Rad right? She made one for me and i use it EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the store... helps to keep little man clean and germy free.... which is always a good thing... And Brooke got one when her husband said if I didn't send her one it would be my fault when Gory got swine flu, lol

(I think thats his poopin face, lol)
But yeah! So take a peek at all the new ones in the shop and let me know what you think! As always we are keeping out prices low... and our quality high! For now we are not doing custom orders on them but if they seem to sell well it could be in the future! *you can click on ANY of the photos to ZOOM it up*


Last but most definitely not least... one more big mention!! I got a GREAT deal on the flannel prints you see below... and because I love you... YOU get a great deal... Clearance Bedding just $225 each set. Thats $75 off of the regular bedding price!! I only have enough to make just ONE of each print so dont hesitate! Once it is gone its gone... Each custom set is available in any of the prints below... then can be paired with any of the many, many minky options :)


  1. I love the skulls and cherries covers! I think Gory advertises them very well ;)

  2. *runs to check the cart covers*

    I still need to get one for my SIL for lil Anya!

  3. For the record, that is Gory's "snorty face" LOL!

    And also for the record, we LOVE the cart cover from you guys, it fits really well, and keeps Gory from using the grody germ-infested cart as his personal teether! Greg says "I never said it would be Amber's fault if Gory got swine flu!" But, he totally did, the liar, he just doesn't wanna look bad. He is just happy now to not have to carry the 25lb bowling ball around the grocery store! HA!