Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Empty Nest Syndrome?

So its been a little while since I did i fun rant/banter/randomness.. but lots of things have been floating through my head lately so time to spill them out...
  • My babies are home in Illinois... for a whole month... 
  • My birthday present this year is that I get to see them. Best... Birthday... Ever.....
  • Last night when I went to bed I looked in their room to peek on them.... I love watching them sleep...
  • When I peeked in on them, I remembered they weren't there :(
  • I know its not the same thing, but having the boys gone makes me feel so so so sad and sorry for those who have lost a child. I couldn't imagine them both just being "gone" like that. 
  • I'm lonely.
  • Maybe empty nest syndrome is the cause for my baby making overdrive this month... 
  • Izzaq caught his first fish on Sunday with papa Chad. This makes me overjoyed and extremely sad at the same time. I miss MY Grandpa. He would have been so proud.
  • RockerByeBaby has almost doubled in sales from last year...
  • ^ That is insanity. Awesomely, psychotically, hair-pulling, vodka redbull drinking, non-sleeping insanity... 
  • I wouldn't have it any other way...
  • Being home with my husband without kids has been amazing. People should be jealous about how much we still talk, kiss, love, be silly, have fun, after 5 years of chaos. 
  • Zaq and I did everything backwards... we had about 1 year of good, then a few of bad, with a really bad thrown in there, then a good, and now a great. I like that order of things... At this point, and what we have been trough... theres nothing that can tear us apart. 
  • We're a cute couple sometimes :) 

  • I can't wait to go home to visit.... It will either make me not want to leave, or remind me why i left... hmmm.
  • I wish my "internet friends" were my "in real life friends" and we could have fun play dates, and get mani-pedi's, go shopping, and have girls nights out.... instead - im anti-social, stay home, and get anxiety from going shopping. 
  • In about 5 days - I have gone from 1,159 fans... to 1,588 <-- this is amazingness in my book... keep it going! Fan here!
  • My Aymee is due ANY day now... can you believe it!? 
  • Shes beautiful.
  • I love doing the wash load of laundry. Feels good to get it done.
  • If I could have a giant pile of clean clothes in the closet id be happiest girl on earth... i hate... HATE folding clothes. its my least favorite chore... 
  • I want a cupcake.
  • I have been reading Uncharted TerriTori... so far so good ;)
  • I have a new obsession with Betsey Johnson bras... And I keep finding great deals!
  • Zaq has a new obsession with Betsey Johnson bras... apparently my boobs look great, haha.
  • Adam said if I couldn't say *lol  I would spontaneously combust...
  • He is probably right. 
    • *Note to self - stop saying *lol*
  • I sent two shirts to SaraSophia to have her little Pixie model them, and i am just DYING to see the pictures. She has such amazing talent, i know they will be great!
  • Im so hungry... considering a turkey sandwich for breakfast. 
  • Since moving to California, i have gotten two horrible haircuts. 
  • Im scared to get another one... considering waiting till i get back to MPLS to go to Moxie, Micah wont mess it up.
  • About once a week I buy something random for the new baby im hoping for...
  • Im not even pregnant yet.
  • I think i might be ;) Testing in 2 more days if no period.
  • Im supposed to have my tattoo sleeve finished when we go home to Minneapolis. Ive been waiting over a year... and my luck, I will find out i pregnant 2 weeks before... and then wait another year... 
  • The other day, zaq and i spent an entire afternoon watching an America's Next Top Model marathon... and he didn't even complain. 
  • Secretly - he loved it i think... #myhusbandisnotgayiswear
  • I need to get to work. 


  1. *hugs Amber*

    You're amazing my dear! ;)

  2. The picture didn't post...And what were you saying?

  3. I can't wait for you to be HOME!!! Well...ur first home <3

  4. I wish I were your "in real life friend" somehow I feel like I know you.

  5. Where is "home" in CA? I'm in Southern Cali... (san diego)... :)