Friday, December 03, 2010

Favorites Friday: Toddler Toys for Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is.... A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF FROM ETSY!!! Im nuts about handmade goodies... duh, and i LOVE keeping Christmas as handmade as possible... so here is a list of goodies we want to get for the boys for Christmas! (or have already gotten and recommend)

#1: HandmadePretties - Rock and Roll Giant Fleece Ball $50.00
#2: JugieBeeCrayons - Guitar Crayons set of 10 for $6.99
#3: BabiesLoveBlankies - Royal Skull I Spy Bag $15.00
#4: HootNAndy - Tattoo Memory Game $30.00
#5: ThePolkaDotTotSpot - Groovy Guitar Large Cloth Jingle Ball $14.00
#6: DeniseJacobsohn - Soft Guitar $28.00
#7: EnchantedDandelions - Silly Sprout Bean Bags $4.25
#8: LittleMetalMisster - GuiTag Blue $20.50
#9: BabyBooFelt - Rainbow Skulls Squeaker Block $9.00

**We love hosting giveaways, if any of you awesome sellers want a Tuesday feature for a review & giveaway contact us at for more details!


  1. aww, thank you so much for including me! and i am totally down for a feature/giveaway- just messaged you :)

    ps. those crayons are adorable! i may have to snag some!

  2. Sweet! Love that you added my Soft Guitar to your Fav's! We here at Slings and Baby Things and Momma Fix appreciate it! I am up for a feature/giveaway any time.
    Happy Holiday's!

  3. Thank you so much for including my Silly Sprout bean bags! I'm loving all the other awesome, rockin' handmade goodies! ^.^

  4. Aww ILY <3 and miss you dearly, cant seem to say that enough :(

  5. Some of these have just gone to the list of possible gifts for the nephews & nieces!

  6. Love this! I'm always looking for more to add to my wishlist for my son's Christmas list!

  7. I adore your favorites and greatly appreciate you posting them! I am always looking for funky, out of the ordinary things to buy my kids. While I could go to a toy store and pick several run of the mill things to buy, I would much rather go the creative route! Thanks for doing the research and helping me out :)

  8. I soooooo love all things hoot n andy!!!