Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Making Ornaments

Some of you heard last week, but the other day we learned that one of the boxes that got left behind, was the ornaments box :( Now, this breaks my heart... and I was super upset about it, but I am moving forward... so Im not going to mention that it had zaq's 30 year old first baby ornament, the boys' first ornaments, all 4 of my collectors edition Nightmare before Christmas stockings, etc. etc etc. Im not going to mention any of that stuff... it'll make me bitter. *head/desk* Anyways... in an attempt to pull out of the funk I was in, I loaded up the boys and we headed to the craft store for supplies... paper, glue, paints, "blue balls" as Izzaq said... and clips. Rushed back to the house... and made our own ornaments. It was lots of fun, and here is a sneak peak into what we did. I have more to make but when I finish, ill take a picture of all of them together :)


  1. ooooh- i like the ornament! i hate that you lost such a special box, but i have a feeling that this tree will be just as special....if not more so because of the fun and love that went into it :)

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about the missing ornaments, but you now have made an even cooler tradition and the kids got to make their own ornaments, and I'm sure you'll find some more amazing ones to treasure now!