Monday, September 26, 2011

Wow *deep breath*

We are coming down to crunch time... there is ACTUALLY a baby inside of me... (I know, because she has had her little booty wedged into my ribs for a few months straight now...) and said baby - will ACTUALLY be coming out of me... and living in my house... and eating via me... and crying... and needing diaper changes... and snuggled... and kissed... and loved.... ok those last few things don't sound so bad, but WOW! *deep breath* this is real! Last week at my check up... my midwife said I could start Red Raspberry Leaf Tea & Evening Primrose... both of which tell your body to start getting ready to have a baby... and I figure since Im planning to do this one au'natural ... I guess I need all the help I can get ;) I know a handfull of people that have started these two things, and had the baby within 2 weeks. So really... she could be here any day now... Im just trying to get as organized as I can... and work my BUTT off to catch up as many orders as fast as possible... but you know me... I'm sure 5 days after baby Rozzlyn is here I'll be back to sew sew sewing away... so yeah! Thats my little update... the store is still open for now... mostly ready to ship stuff... crib bedding... etc. Just remember, if you order and it takes a little longer than normal, its because Im ready to pop... lol