Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy Mail: Inspiration...

So, today I woke up and was crusing Facebook on my phone and came across a post my friend Jamie over at Max & Meena...  she had posted a link to this AMAZING blog called Giver'sLog... about Happy Mail.  I totally fell in love with the idea. The segment is called 13 Ounces or Less... and the idea is to find random, fun things to mail... and let me tell you, she is a GENIUS about it... some of the ideas she has posted are just amazing. (Obviously) SO I was thinking -  with all the mailing i do for RockerByeBaby why not throw some fun ones in there now and then? I thought we could maybe mail things to each other... and take pictures of the fun-ness... What do ya think? If you're interested... send me an email and we can swap addresses... with Happy Mail in the subject Oh, and don't forget... the idea is 13 oz. of Less... so you can ship it via first class mail... Pili - you're pretty much the only one that still reads my blog... so maybe you and I could do it?! LOL But yeah, would love to hear from you guys if you're interested! I think it could be a really fun way to put a smile on our faces :) Plus... everyone loves getting "happy mail"...


  1. i would love to do this lol crystal

  2. sounds like fun! :) i <3 snail mail!

  3. Hehehe, Amber you know I'm all for it! And you already have my address! ;) I'd need yours, though, the last parcel from you is already recycled! ;) I could send you some Indian goodies after my trip this month! =D