Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sneak Peek at whats coming when we re-open!

A little something for ya to look forward to, while you wait for us to get back to new/custom listings... 
I had TOO much fun making these... and these got shipped of to Ms. Pili after we photographed them. Awesome right!? Can't wait to get them listed ;) 


  1. They're already packed in my suitcase! I seriously can't wait till the 18th when I can give them to RD!
    And you have such a great model at home!! He's such a cutie!

  2. I LOVE the minky lined hoods, they look so ultimately cosy.
    If you lived nearby I'd be throwing a stack at you and demanding that you mink-in-ize them for me!

  3. I just found your blog and would loooove to buy pretty much everything you make for my son :)