Monday, February 09, 2009

Another Review! A lifesaver... FREE LEG WARMERS FROM KNOTTY BABY WEAR!

Hey all!
Thanks for always coming back to check us out.
I have the best readers ever!
Now that the sappy part is over, its time for the fun stuff!


So, were working on potty training with izzaq...
every mommy... and yes, daddy's too...
know that its a challenge.
So you gotta find the easiest way possible...
When I was little, we ran around naked...
with a potty in the middle of the room...
it worked! So thats what we do with Izzaq...
But he has to be naked... if he is wearing pants, he has an accident.
Well, we live in Minnesota... and it doesnt matter how high the heat is cranked.
Those hard wood floors and the leather couch is always chilly.
These leg warmers were the absolute perfect solution.
They allow for izzaq to be mostly naked, with his "bits" to be exposed, haha
So, no wrestling off pants or underwear...
he's just always ready whenever he needs to go.
And best of ll, he doesnt need my help!!!

Most importantly, they keep him warm...
Theyre even great for Zavery too!

He loves to sit on the floor and watch tv...
They love the be naked...
and these leg warmers keep them pants less and happy...
They even work on arms to go under short sleeves!
Girls, boys... toddlers, infants, or as knee socks for a little lady under a skirt or tutu!
Everyone needs a pair of these...
and Knotty Baby Wear as given us a pair for you too!
Basic black and white skulls...
girls, boys... and unisex for the bun in the oven!

So thats it... you gotta have a pair... try to win them...
and if you dont, go buy em... $8 and she even has a ton on sale for just $6
they're so cheap... and SOOOOO worth every penny...
Everyone has that in their budget... I have 3 pairs! haha

Check out her shop...
She has more that just the leg warmers.
Recently she started making these ADORABLE t's and onesies...
with skull and crossbones appliques...
Crazy wild prints, bright colors... just amazing...

Leave us a comment about your favorite Item from her shop...
and why you need/want these leg warmers.
and don't forget your email address!

*Bonus Round... Get an extra entry in the contest by blogging or posting about this review!
Leave us a second comment with the link to wear you posted about it. (myspace, blog, facebook, etc.)

Thanks and good luck!


  1. I've been eyeing a few... the cute dots on grey ones for my daughter and the red/white/black WORD warmers for my neice, I know she would rock them out as arm warmers...

    The Knotty Legs are amazing... my 4year old daughter has a pair...

    my email is
    and my name is Wendy
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. i don't think i could begin to pick. i would be honored to have any pair. i would LOVE to have a pair of these on hand so that my clients could use them as props. they add so much personality and color to a shot.
    thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I like so many!! I guess my favorite would be the black and hot pink heart argyle. I'd love these for my daughter because she just started crawaing around and these will protect her knees while she looks cool!
    I would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    janine at

  4. I love the plain black and white stripey ones
    Isabella has some knotty legs and they are great! Way better than wearing tights under her pants.

  5. I blogged :)

  6. Wow, how can I ever pick? I love them all! I love the argyle for a preppy look, the orange stripes for a Flyers game, and the girly hearts and dots for a ladylike look! My little girl will be born in 2 months and I can't wait to put a pair on her! (Due April 10)

  7. I like the blue and yellow ones. They are perfect for the Chargers games. We have hardwood floors throughout our home and a pair of these would make learning to crawl much easier for my little ones. Hopefully it will prevent bruising.

  8. That is such an excellent idea! I will have to get some of these for my son for when that time comes, which my fiance and I are both dreading. LOL! I sure this will help alot with my son crawling also, because he doesn't like the cold tile, or the feel of the carpet, if he has shorts on or no pants, he crawls like a stinkbug. Butt in the air and goes around like that. LOL!


  9. ahh your kids are great!

    my friend is having a boy the end of february she should totally have a pair of this for the little nug-nug