Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy Threads!! *giveaway*

I cut... I sew... I paint and write poetry... juggle babies... and obsess over the internet...
but when it comes to screen printing... Im at a loss...
I have come up with some great ideas, but never try it...
why? Because shops like Oh Boy Threads would make me look bad!
Their stuff is fantastic...
And my absolute favorite... their skull onesie.
Stolen from their page because they said it best:
"Our organic infant & toddler tees are 100% certified organic cotton so they're naturally earth-friendly and buttery soft.Your little ones deserve only the best against their delicate skin. With a large rib neck for easy on/off, you'll enjoy the convenience of these tees too."
When she says buttery soft, its no joke...
I didn't realize how amazing Organic cotton is.
But its good for the earth, and the softest you can get...
I want a skullie t in mommy size :)
Plus, they wear and wash amazingly...
I tossed it in the machine in cold water
(Using my environmentally friendly laundry soap... YAY!)
Threw it on a hanger to dry
(and save electricity, because Im becoming a hippie)
and there ya have it... clean baby shirt :)
So like I said... Oh Boy Threads would make me look bad...
When I paint on t's or onesies... its very basic.
Stencil, paint & paintbrush... ta-da!!
But noooo... Oh Boy Threads has to show me up...
better than anything I could ever do...
Their skullie onesie has 2 layers...
rows and rows of skulls from top to bottom...
and then one big skull and bones over top.
In WHITE none the less!
How do they do it!?
I dunno... but lets leave it to the pros...
cuz whatever they do.. however they do it...
they do it perfectly.
I mean... look...
how cute is this shirt on this little man...

So adorable I bet you want one too...
Well, seeing as this is a giveaway blog...
You got one too!!
BEtter odds this week!
They gave us two to give away!!
Two awesome tops from Oh Boy Threads...
A 6 months Eco-Skullie onesie...

ANDDD a 12 months Fortune cookie tshirt!
It looks like the picture below...
but says You will sleep through the night soon!!

So, this week for comments you get the chance to win two shirts...
but the rules are a little more detailed...
so listen closely, haha... orrrr read closely...

1.) When you comment... Tell us about your favorite Item in their shop.
Then, Mention which shirt you would prefer to win. OR BOTH if you would like an entry for each shirt.
2.) For an extra entry Blog/Bulletin/post etc. about this listing and link back to us... and leave ANOTHER comment with the link to where you mentioned it. If you are entering for BOTH shirts, post TWO times about the listing (again, show us the link here.)

SO You can get up to TWO entries per shirt... a total of 4 entries. if you do the extra postings about the review.

Thanks everyone!
Good luck!
Winners will be announced on Monday!


  1. Come on guys!!
    She needs some lovin!

  2. what the heck?! no comments for these items?!
    well i'm gonna leave some comments, 'cause these shirts are adorable and deserve some love! :)
    after checking out the etsy shop, i have to say that the pink version of the skullie onesie being given away is my favie....probably because i have a girl! i love dressing her cute, but tough :)
    i REALLY want the skullie onesie....but the tee's pretty cute, too! 'course, my baby ALREADY sleeps through the night (lucky mommy!), but nobody has to know, right?! ;)
    woot for oh boy threads!

  3. How cute.....Love her little Rocker shop!
    I want to win something!!!

    Keep the comments coming for her..

  4. I love the blue Toddler Skull T in her shop since my Son is 4 now...If I won a shirt, I would prefer a skull t, since my niece is a big fan of skulls too!!
    Thanks and good luck to all.

  5. I love the bandana bib...enter me to win the fortune cookie shirt

    dinnertimechimes at aol dot com

  6. I also love the pink skull shirt... my brother's wife is expecting and he's determined to have skulls in the nursery girl or boy :)

    enter me to win the skull shirt too, please

    dinnertimechimes at aol dot com

  7. Love the bandana bib! So cute!

    I would love to be entered to one the skull onesie!



  8. that should be "win" not one!

    haha sorry typing too fast!

  9. These items are absolutely adorable I would have to say one of my fave's is the Skullie onesie! That is just too cute! Please enter me for that one.

  10. I also love love love that organic green tee shirt and the fortune cookie shirt is also to cute :) enter me for that one aswell please.