Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Giveaway this week for the babies... baby daddies or mommies!

Best $5 Ive spent in awhile...

Rathina makes these AWESOME light switch plate covers...
Remember in grade school? Maybe even high school.
Hodgepodging magazine clippings onto everything in sight?
Well, I used to glue them down to light switch plates to add a little spice to my room
Problem was, I used elmers glue and they frayed and peeled and were permanently sticky.
So, needless to saw, switch plate covers were not my specialty... haha
But, they definitely are Rathinas.

So, I had completely forgotten about the idea of those plate covers...
until seeing Rathina in a chat room once.
Her splatter skull plate popped up...
Only $5
and my thoughts... OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THAT FOR THE BOYS' ROOM!!!!
So i got it and I LOVEEE it...

its adds the perfect splash of punk to something usually completely boring.
The quality is amazing...
VERY well made... the fabric is completely sealed, pulled tight, and not going anywhere.
They also come with an extra set of screws, just in case :)
She makes them in all different kinds of prints...
skulls (yay), sports, baby, Western, Astrology, food, and more...
for every type of room you could imagine...
and in ALL different plate styles...
The regular Single switch plate, Double, Decora, and even Outlet covers!
And I even bet, if you asked her really really nicely, she would probably make you something custom as well.
Shes super nice, super friendly... and you should scoot over to her shop RIGHT now to buy a plate.
Now, if you dont have it in the budget... (MAKE ROOM! haha)
But really, if your dying for a Rathina plate, and just cant swing it...
leave us a comment here at the blog and be entered to win a FREE pirate plate.

Leave one comment for one entry.... tell us what you like about her shop...
what you would love to have... or if you have any already!
For an extra entry, blog, bulletin, myspace, facebook, twitter, whatever you can think to do...
about this review on Rathina, and link to the blog here...
Let us know where you posted about us in a second comment!!
So -2 comments... 2 entries...
Her shop:

Thanks so much everyone!


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  1. She has so many cool switch plates on her site! Is it weird that I want the vintage citrus for my baby's room??? Lol I love them all! Please enter me :)

  2. Vintage Citrus is the theme for our master bathroom :)

  3. The spring butterflies would be great for my daughter's room. I'd love to win the pirate palte for my nephew!

  4. I'm totally loving the skull and dragon plates. Dragons would work in our basement or computer room, and the skulls would work in the baby's room or master bedroom. Totally awesome!

  5. Love the moose themed plate for hubby's "Man room"... ha!

    The pirate one is great and it's even a possible theme for the baby's room!
    dinnertimechimes at aol dot com

  6. those are totally rad plate covers! I don't have any babies (yet) but skull and pirate switch plates will brighten up our music studio - CDH's metal band will love them. Thanks for the tip!