Monday, June 08, 2009

We Found You Some Fathers Day Freebies!!

Check it out guys!
Another awesome review this week...
Sorry I missed you last week, I was out of town.

But Im here, now... no more tears...
only smiles and laughter...
cuz, this weeks review is TOTALLY worth a few :)

You HAVE to check them out...
Yes I know, the last review was stationary too...
and amazing, right?
Naughty... silly... etc...
But Gramkin Paper Studio is just straight up...
on the rocks... no sugar rim... funny...
To tell you my favorite would be impossible...
I just can't... This shop is genius...
Lets start with their line of Courtesy Cards...
Ya know when you FINALLY get a break from the kids...
and you sit down at Caribou to sip a coffee...
or maybe at the local Market to pick up a few things...
and just when you start to appreciate the quiet...
there they are... someone elses kids...
screaming, yelling... throwing stuff...
I have your solution... ;)
A wonderful way to ask for peace and quiet...
from one mommy to another... haha

Now... for you "all occasion" type needs...
when your not quite sure what to say...
you totally need the Lil' Bitch Box...
You can do a mix pack of 5 each of your favorite 2 designs...
OR - my choice... would totally be the random grab bag of 10...
because they're all amazing... you can't go wrong with that...

I could go on and on and on about all my favorite stuff from her shop.
And, when she aggreed to do a review/giveaway I was thrilled...
Why? Because its all so awesome...
Lucky me, I got to try out their Fathers Day Card...
and lucky you... you might get one too!
Its perfect... Zaq and I are always so silly with each other...
we have 2 boys, 11 months apart... and things here...
well, sometimes they are just pure insanity...
so this card is TOTALLY the perfect fathers day card for him.
I can't wait until he sees it!
There is no better way than this... to say... Daddy We love you...
Thanks for not leaving :) hahahahahahaha

Perfect, right? Well, I have GREAT news...
They gave us a set for you JUST in time for fathers day...
An awesome father day set...
The "perfect" Fathers Day card...
A rad pack of 10 "Cut That Shit Out" note cards...
And a 10 pack of "NO" courtesy cards...

Any daddy would be lucky to get these...
OR... any mommy would be lucky to give daddy the card, and snag the rest... haha

You know the drill!
Lots and lots of comment love to win!
First and most important...
Go check out her shop...
Leave us a comment with your FAVORITES...
and why YOU want... need... should win the goodies :)

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  1. i make cards...but these take the cake! thanks for the laugh thismorning! i needed it!
    amazingly funny and just plain genious!!!!

  2. I would love to win these because I have too much stress in my life right now, and these would make me (and those around me) laugh. That's always a good thing.

    I love the "run with me" bitch card best.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  3. I love the "you can suck it" notecards!! This contest is boyfriend is always talking about creating cards like these. Of course, we have no artistic or business skills, but he'd find it hilarious to know that someone has made them. If I won a father's day set, I'd give one to my dad, uncle, etc etc.


  4. I'm now following you on twitter under catss99


  5. It's My Party- Birthday/Party Invitations- Set of 20 are lovely!

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  6. follower
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  7. Little Girl's Best Friend- Set of 8 Notecards is my fave!! A pig! How lovely!

  8. i love the Stylized Floral Thank You Cards...there are so many cute cards!

  9. i am also a follower

  10. My favourite is the Dam it All Notecards- Set of 10!

  11. The "Not Drunk Enough for My Real Number Courtesy Card" is so funny! I should win these goodies because I think it's time to give my father a surprise with these cards!

    aikychien AT yahoo DOT com

  12. I'm a follower. XD

    aikychien AT yahoo DOT com

  13. I'm following you on Twitter @aikychien.

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  14. Another good thing is...

    (I TWEETED!)

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  15. The Cut that Shit Out notecards are so cute and clever! I love all this stuff. Who doesn't need it?

    lesjoujou AT gmail DOT com

  16. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE CARDS! I WANT THEM! I NEED THEM! I DESERVE THEM! Why? Because I am a stay at home mom and I go crazy sometimes and these are perfect cards for me!
    My favorite are the
    Chocolate Crown Luxery Box Set- Set of 40

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  17. I follow your blog!

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  23. Love her stuff! My fave is "What's up Sucka!" Nice!

  24. These are all SO cute! I love the Chocolate Crown Luxery Box Set but the Dam is All is really cute and I'd love to give the I'm Not Drunk Enough cards to my sister-in-law for when she's out lol.


  25. Awesome! The Attention Courtesy Cards-Set of 10 are great!

  26. OMG! I cannot decide on a favorite because the Courtesy Cards and Glib Greetings are all so perfect! I wish I had thought of such clever things to say when the situation called for it! I so need to win because I'm currently jobless, broke, and have to have these cards!

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  33. Okay that I'm sorry card got a big chuckle from me!

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