Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Clearance shirts!

Hey guys! So we did a big custom order with our logo and they print just wasn't as big as we had hoped... So we are selling them at a MAJOR discount of just $10 and free shipping... $20 off from what the normal regular price is. They are 100% organic cotton with water based inks. Totally eco friendly...
I have:
2: size 6-12 months...
1: size 12-18 months...
3: size 18-24 months... SOLD OUT!!
Leave a comment here or send me an email if you want one! They will go super quick so Im not listing them in the shop...


  1. I'd LOVE an 18-24. It'll be perfect for Violet next summer! My e-mail is EllisFan14 at gmail

  2. Awesome! Down to just ONE 18-24 months left!!

  3. I would love an 18-24 PLEASE!
    Email is

  4. Thanks Melissa! Just sent you an invoice via paypal!

  5. I would love to buy a 6-12 months tee <3 it will fit Lillian come summer!