Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Zave's Shiner :(

Little man tripped today... he was reaching for a movie on the bookshelf... he is SO clumsy... fell face first into the corner of the tv table... bluh.... poor guy. Right in front of me too I just couldn't get there in time... Iced it... gave him some tylenol... and some juice... he doesn't seem too bothered by it... but geesh, its huge. Guess it will make him look extra tough for his photo shoot with Beki for the store this weekend...


  1. Poor sweetie. He still looks adorable and you could always photoshop it out for the store pics.

  2. Be prepared to get some ugly looks when you go out in public with him. :-)

    I'm sorry to hear that though, poor little guy.

  3. Holly - I have tattoos & piercings, haha ive been getting ugly looks since they day they were born. lol But yeah... naturally, a tattoo'd & pierce'd mom with a toddler that rocks a shiner must be abusive :( Sad sad society.