Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorites Friday: Cold Remedy

So as Im sure 90% of you have heard me complaining on twitter.... but for those that havn't, my kids are sick... :( Poor little babies got colds.... pretty bad ones too. I have gone through so many Booger Bashers... had to wash blankies... warm Boo Boo packs... make soup... tea... and the list goes on.... so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the must haves to get through a toddlers cold :)

*click the photo to zoom in for a closer look!*

#1L ShaynaPunam - Cold & Cough Balm... I did a giveaway for this store a LONG while ago... and i STILL use the product. Unlike Vicks or a convenience store rub, this is gentle, with natural ingredients... and can go on their chest, back, or even under their nose.

#2: RockerByeBaby - Booger Bashers, they are a MUST for any cold, flu... or even just slimey drool... all babies, toddlers, & mommies need a set in their diaper bag :)

#3: PrimitiveEarth: Yummy Organic Lavender & Mint Tea." All-natural, organic and fair trade teas are used in this blend." I tricked the boys into drinking some lavender tea & added a little orange juice so it tasted like something they were used to. It was perfect... calmed them down and got them to relax...

#4: MezzaLunaBodycare - Sick Puppy Playdough, genius... i have not ever had the pleasure of using this product, but wow... what do you do with your crabby sick irritated, antsy toddler? Give him/her this paydough to play with... their entertained and soothed with eucalyptus and rosemary all at the same time.

#5: Isas7ada - Doctor Nurse & Patient wooden toys... this year we are all about wooden toys... and with sick toddlers these would fit right in... Anyone wanna play hospital!? *PLEASE zoom up the photo to take a close look at this one ;)*

#6: The Crazy Elephant - Totally Rockin Skull Owie Fixer... NOt only do we have toddlers with aches and fevers... but we hav a clutzy little one that bumps and thumps all day long. These come in handy. I have 2 from BabyBooFelt, hers rock as well, just none in stock. Just ask! Im sure she will whip one up for you :)

#7: MEandREEKIE: Black Pirate Bootys - I have posted about these before... but Zavery is obsessed... and in his whiney sick mode, trying to keep these booties away would be a HUGE mistake, lolPlus, they keep him warm which keeps him happy... in turn, making mommy happy.

#8: BrookeVanGoryDesigns: Green Gory Pants... We love our Gory pants... They're eco friendly... soft & snuggly... TOTALLY washing machine friendly... and made upcycled from the most perfectly broken in t-shirts :) An absolute must for a recovery week of lounging & snuggling.

#9: Me again.... I hate to do it AGAIN, but yes... they can NOT live without their RockerByeBaby blankets... seeing as they have been wrapped in one since the day they were born, haha They have become QUITE attached. One night, Izzaq, in a coughing fit threw up a little on his blanket. It was a TOTAL meltdown, because naturally I had to wash it... well, there was no satisfying him with any other... he wanted his "b".... *note to self - make a duplicate with the exact same thread... stains, and wear marks... lol


  1. Oooh I need some of the sick puppy play dough!

    We <3 our booger bashers too Gavin uses them when he's sick or when he's been crying, he honestly won't take a tissue now lol Gavin's blankies are still one of his best comfort things he took his one with the green shaggy fleece with him to see Santa yesterday because it was a cold windy day, gotta say, we handed out some cards of yours, even to SANTA XD

    Yess I need to pick up more flax seed, now that I have tons of skull flannel I need to roll out my Punky Boo-Boo packs already ;)

  2. Oooh, that sick puppy sounds like a really cool idea for the nieces! I might get them some for Christmas!

    Hope the boys will be feeling as good soon!

  3. I love the sick puppy too! That sounds great.

    Jayne loves his pirate owie fixer! He uses it to bring his toothbrush to grandma's house as it doubles as a great carrying case. Thanks for including it : )

  4. Hey Amber! Helping someone feel comfy, cozy and special when they are sick works wonders :) (much experience! being the mom of 4!) Thanks so much for including my booties - it's funny - they seem to have that effect! Happy Holidays to you and yours :) Maria

  5. Thanks for posting about our "SICK PUPPY". Okay, so have to say, It took me till the 5th. child to realize I had to create our sick puppy line for Mezza Luna. My four older boys stood behind me as I blended the color and had the rolling giggles over the color! My youngest, LilyPiper is my ultimate test subject. She's my won't sit still girly tomboy. Ahh, I've gotten her to be still and content playing with our dough, all while vaporizing and clearing out her colds! I've received a ton of wonderful feedback from moms and dads at our farmer's market booth. The very best part of our business is hearing all the stories. So, please, please share yours with us if you're using our products. Thanks, Amber. Happy holidays, Katie