Tuesday, December 15, 2009


You guys friggen rock... i love you all. I had SO MUCH FUN reading all of those and it made me in less of a bad mood from my so far crappy day :) Thanks! Heres the winning number...
start counting!!

Feel free for multiple people to comment with the number to be sure everyone gets the same thing :)


  1. I counted up from the page with 201-400 on it and I thought it was me but not sure.

  2. I think it is Brandi. Congratulations!

    Y'all were fast, but at least I got my insurance on the job of dealing with the ladys insurance.

  3. Oooh finished counting I think it looks like Brandi!

  4. It is Brandi! Girl, we need to get numbers on our blogs! LOL!

  5. i Figured out the numbers thing... its Brandi! Congrats!

    Sucks numbers only go to 200 then restart... so you have to add 200 to it? Or fix the glitch, lol which i dont have time for right now.