Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad business? haha

There are a million diyers out there who i adore... put out great product... and are all around great people. But there are few that I really admire... Kyle @ Barley & Birch is one of those people... she runs such an amazing business that is changing the world one eco-baby at time... and she is damn good at it. Now, there are probably a million ways that Kyle is a better business person than I am... but this is the biggest reason that I have seen so far... emails... She always gives me crap about how OCD she is about her email, and how my inbox is a complete cluster, lol cuz it is... so I am letting down my guard and showing you just how bad it is...
Kyles pretty inbox... clean, organized... functional...
(click to zoom to see the real deal...)
And now mine... 
(click to zoom & see the chaos)
thousands of emails... even more archived... and hundreds just sitting waiting to be filtered... ugh... how I am able to answer all of the important ones is beyond me... Kyle... HELP!


  1. hahaha oh my goodness i am cracking up. i saw that the number was big, but then i clicked to zoom and i felt my blood pressure rising and just had to close the window quickly!!

    oh my goodness i truly am shaking from silently laughing in class. you are too funny. i love you.


    p.s. clean out your inboxxxxx!!!!! (okay just had to do it. i feel better know.)

  2. Seriously, I think Kyle needs to do a tutorial on "how to not be a cluster with your business". My solution to the e-mail problem? I just change e-mails. See? All the old e-mails I had cluttering up the dang thing? POOF! Gone!

    And Amber, when I went into my old g-mail earlier today, I was at over 2K, so don't feel TOO bad!

  3. OMG I am lmao as I too am anal about my email boxes being "clean"! I have folders set up that I will put stuff into and have to delete all spam and such straight away! I cannot stand to have over 10 emails sitting in my inbox! Maybe you could hire an assistant to help filter out your box and set up some folders?

  4. This cracked me up severely... And I wonder why you don't answer me Amber. LOL! Just teasing. Maybe your kids can go through and just start deleting. It works. I know from experience... Of course, be prepared for the complete and utter meltdown that you WILL have after realizing what just happened....

    Dinnetta -