Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursdays Tunes: Motion City Soundtrack

*drool* I dunno if any of you know this, but i LOVE me some Motion City Soundtrack... Ill never forget the first time that zaq took me to meet them... we went back on their bus and i was totally geeking out. So much so that I just sat in silence... lol and I looked down, and like a TOTAL dork... realized that I had brought my Motion City purse... lame, lol now, this was years ago, and they have come SO far... Theyre more popular than ever and just keep putting out amazing records... and I like to think Im a little less geeky when we get to hang out. Though, matt still makes me melt... lol *blush* oh oh oh! And I will be making Josh & Jill some AMAZING crib bedding for their lil future bun... yay! anyways... this weeks Thursdays Tunes goes out to my lovers... Motion City Soundtrack... if you don't have their new record, GO GET IT!! I just bought it for Zaq (aka myself) for Valentines Day.. And if you dont have any of the others... go get those too :) Follow em on twitter & Fan em on FaceBook... Now - onto my loves... many this week :) Too much love...

The zaq & tg song... My Favorite Accident....
""So we were an accident... You’ll always be my favorite one""

below... our "favorite accident" tattoos...

One of my top 10 Fav. songs of all time...

Loving this acoustic version of "Disappear"

But of course the regular version is super rad too... but I cant find a video to embed *pouts* So thats a little sampling of my love for MCS... many more amazing songs... and many many more to come im sure... thanks for being awesome guys :)


  1. Oh god I LOVE them. Kitty once gave me an Ipod that had them on.. I've never deleted their songs, I can't.. tooo good!

  2. LOVE them too!!! Saw them perform in England <3