Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Blogging Bash! Read all about it!!

Many have heard you talking about how my best friend Aymee from back home is PREGNANT! SOOO exciting... and she is having a little princess named Maddie. YAY! Well, while in my pity party slump I decided that even though I am so far away, I can still through a rad baby shower for her!! Thats where the Blog Bash comes in... We have LOADS of prizes arranged... lots of fun game ideas...
SOME of these prizes will be coming from stores such as...

and MANNNNY many more!! Amazing right!?!? Im SOOO excited for you all, just WAIT till you see all the prizes... for now, start checking out banner to make your guesses on what you think it may be :) So, Mark your calendars... GIveaways Start 5/5 and run till were outta prizes!!! Those of you that are featured sellers that are NOT mentioned above, never fear... im listing them in bunches... and if your not there but WANT to be apart of the spotlight let me know!! rockerbyebaby@gmail.com and ill let you know all the details :) Thanks guys! And dont forget to greb the button from the side bar if you feel like helping promote. It will count for extra entries once we get started!!


  1. I just have to comment on that last badge you have there is adorable!! she looks so cute in a lil tutu and spiked hair!!! <3