Friday, April 09, 2010

Favorites Friday - SUPER CHICKEN!

So, this week is TOTALLY random... but Zaq has a meeting this week and there is rumor going around that zaq MAY just be wearing a chicken suit... and a cape... yes, a SUPER CHICKEN! so I figured it was only proper to dedicate this weeks post to all things super... and chicken-ish... or something... lol

#1: Chick Chick Earrings - (CUTENESS!)
#2: Fairesisters - Red & Black Cape. (Yep. Thats a grown man wearing a cape... *pictures hubby adding a chicken suit to this silliness... *ROFL*)
#3: Franticmeerkat - They Never Knew what hit them (lol, i wonder if zaq ill have this power in his super chicken suit?)
#4: Mahalo - Super Hero Cape
#5: Baamaamoo - SuperPeep! (its a baby chick.... wearing a cape... love it.)
#6: DiscoveryDenim - Little Hero Super Capes
#7: Mariska - Flufel Poloko Plush Chicken
#8: PumpkinBear - The Day They Got Their Capes
#9: Snitterdog - Mr Chicken Has a Beer (lol, ummmm yes - perfect.)


  1. This is AWESOME!!! I'm loving the concept of "super chicken"!!! how fun is this post :D !!!

  2. Those are all so cute! Love this quirky picks!

  3. Super chicken friday rocks!

    Thank you for adding Poloko !


  4. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
    **deep breath**


  5. LOVE the Super Chicken theme!! Thanks so much for including our beloved SuperPeep!! Who now even has her own Facebook page---!/pages/Super-Peep/104588026239148?ref=nf
    Hoping all of this sudden fame doesn't go to her head....but thinking now maybe her own talk show or a small feature film....???
    Yay for Punkrockerbyebaby!!!

  6. I love super chicken! That chicken drinking and smoking is great! I keep telling my husband that he needs to wear a chicken suit to our craft shows to draw people into the booth (or does a 6' tall chicken scare people away?) Thanks for including my super chicken with laser eyes.

  7. Haha, yes! My model was like, "I've never seen a red cape before, except on Superman." And now, Super Chicken.

    (Faire Sisters)