Monday, February 02, 2009

PorkChop punk skull tshirt for your little PORKCHOP!

Okay, so I know I keep talking about how amazed I am by these items Ive been getting to review...
but its true... and PorkChopCrafts is no exception...
In my old age... or... growing up if you will..
I have been trying really hard to be environmentally...
(zaq calls me a hippie)
But every little thing...
Leaving lights on, letting the water run... WASTING PLASTIC BAGS!
they all add up...
and organic clothing is just as important.
Not only is it better for the environment, but its better for us!
No harsh chemicals... bleaching, etc.
Just natural clothes... and its soft as silk...
This week, Pork Chop Crafts has given us an AWESOME prize...
We have a 100% organic cotton tshirt...
screen printed with her own custom design...
a punk rock skull with a mohawk!

Its fantastic...
And look how cute it is with a BABY in it!!

When Zaq got home from work and saw it, he was shocked...
and for Zaq to actually be excited about a baby shirt...
is a pretty big compliment... haha
You guys should be EQUALLY excited...
cuz she sent me one for you too!
This week, up for grabs is a 12 months tshirt.
(fits my 2 year old too...)
So itll last you a good while!

Check out her shop and Leave us a comment

She does more than just baby tees, jewelry and trinkets too!
So tell me what you like, what you want... and maybe even why you want this shirt!
Leave me your email address, and The winner will be emailed next monday!



  1. Love these shirts

  2. A skull with a mohawk? too cute! Skulls and organic is probably a match made in heaven for my eco skull lovin' self! would look cute on my cousin's lil Abby or even the baby I'm hoping for lol
    Even Gavin says it's awesome :P

  3. I have a baby niece this would be adorable for! Her stuff rawks! So cute....Thanks!

  4. I heart this mohawk tee! LOVE it and the fact that her shops are porkchop and hotdog related. Super cute!


  5. AHHH how cute! My friend is having a little boy the end of february she would love this!!!