Friday, April 02, 2010

Favorites Friday - Sleeeeeeeeep......

Ugh, guys, let me have a pity party for a second... *wahhhh* IM SOOOOO TIRED!!*wahhhh* what a long week. Im SOO thankful to have my amazing new babysitter. Shes been working just as hard as I have. Every day this week I have worked at least 9 hours, just sewing non stop. I hands hurt, my legs hurt, my back & neck hurt... and i am FINALLY almost caught back up... SOOO happy. (and im sure and of you waiting on an order are too, lol) So here I sit tonight, the first minute I have had to do my favorites friday post and all i can think about is sleep. So what shall the topic be this week? Duh, SLEEPY TIME! This are all the things I would love to prep me and then snuggle me as I crawl into bed tonight...
(click to zoom in... DO IT!)

#1) BibBon - RIP Eye Mask
#2) AkashaCouture - Tea Party Alive Babydoll
#3) AVisionToRemember - Rock star queen size rag quilt
#4) OffBeet - Sleep Aromatherapy Soy Candle
#5) Cari4jc1 - Crochet Mary Jane Slippers (RockStar)
#6) HungryKnife - Pink Sheep (If I counted sheep... i would count pink ones.....)
#7) EmaandSprout - Sleepy Panda Dress
#8) MyOtherPrincess - Mini Bath Cupcake Bomb
#9) Needling - Cherry the Needling ( I have loved her for SOOO long.. someday ill break down & buy it.)
If any of you AMAZING featured sellers would like to host a review and giveaway please get in touch with me, we would LOVE to try out your product and im POSITIVE our readers would love to win one!


  1. Thanks for the feature - great stuff! :)

  2. You are so nice and talented to put together such a lovely collection! I feel privileged to be included! Thank you and I hope you catch some zzzzzzs soon!

  3. Oh wow I am so grateful to be added to your collection! This is a great blog :) thanks for letting me know about it

  4. Thank you so much for the feature!! <3<3<3

  5. Sleep is good! And in your case, very well deserved!!
    The Myotherprincess cupcakes are AMAZING, trust me! I bought a few and love them to bits!!