Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Walmart... robbing wallets one Toy Story isle at a time...

So - today we had to go to Wal-Mart... *barf* and its not one of those nice new Wal-Marts... It's an old, always crowded, over shopped Wal-Mart... and it makes me crazy... but I have no choice... The Poly-Fil I get for crib bedding comes from there, they sell it in bulk... and the same brand costs double at Joann. Anyways, im off topic. Wal-Mart...

As most of you know... Zavery loves Toy Story... no, OBSESSES over Toy Story... and no schidt, every damn isle had something toy story... Toy Story towels... Toy Story soap... movies... fruit snacks... and FRACKIN MAC N CHEESE!?

What the Heck!? Give it a rest people...
Its hard enough to get through wal-mart avoiding the toy section... but no... they move entire ISLES of toys, to the middle of the store just to be sure your kids see it and throw and screaming fit in front of everyone. Then, of course, again when you are in the check out line... because everyone needs Toy Story collectable cards, right? ugh, fml.  

It was literally like a war zone... You should have seen me shuffling through those isles.. dodging left and right... then it happened... OH NO! We've been hit! ugh... noooo not the Toy Story Cereal... GROOOOSSSS!! alright fine... if it'll keep you quiet... *shuffle shuffle... dodge... SHIT! TURNAROUND TURNAROUND!!!* annnnd its too late, we've spotted the enemy... The Toy Story Mac 'n' Cheese.. yup, i caved... mrs. always Annie's organic totally blew it with the .99 cent mac n cheese. I swear we have every Toy Story creation... I am SOOOO not the "commercial" type. If everything i owned from here out was handmade I'd be ecstatic... but no... he can't be obsessed with organic t'shirts... or vegetables... that would make my life much too easy... its gotta be the plastic mass produced crap from overseas of course...  
Lets not forget the giant Buzz Lightyear zaq bought... remember that? The one that has been causing tantrums since the day it came home? Yeah... It was broken on day two... the wing broke, it no longer pops open or stays shut... just hangs there... and then since then its been thrown down the stairs, tossed off the couch... dropped in the toilet (stopped "talking" for about 3 days) and yesterday zaq had to snap off the shield because one side was broken... awesome right? I say thats a big #win for expensive plastic toys... NOT. So yeah... thats my rant for the day... Wal-Mart... I hate you... Go clean your Riverside, CA store... and Toy Story... I don't need your picture on every box of fruit snacks, tooth paste, or cereal I come into contact with... and if you must, can you put it on some Organic stuff thats not filled with total crap, sugar and will cause both obesity & diabetes in my child... thanks... just a thought ;) Now, Im not "blaming" toy story... is it annoying? Totally... but obviously I can say no... sometimes its just not worth the fight over a .99 cent box of mac n cheese... and dont get me wrong... some of the TS toys i actually enjoy... Of ALL of our toy story toys... there are 3 that I really like... I like the little Toddler friendly Buzz... (see older blog post for reference)... And I love the little Buzz & Woody Buddy sets that Sarah got us... and the new little Buzz Jammies that nana sent  us today... because after seeing this... they passed the "creative play" test, lol 
There is a "button" for the laser on his shirt and he is going nuts over it, lol running around "zapping" everything. So really now, thats it... im done ranting... our craptastic day of shopping finished with cuteness like brotherly love... so all in all it was a win... would love to hear everyones opinion on all the commercial stuff out there... is there anything your kids go wild over that makes you crazy?


  1. wow. my nephew gets nuts over thomas the tank engine. i am trying really hard to actively discourage "character" crap, i mean stuff at our house, but DD did love her tinkerbell stuff as a wee one. not that much, but she did love it. oh, and scooby doo. she had scooby snacks and other ridiculous scooby doo stuff. he was her imaginary friend along with mary kate & ashley.

  2. You poor thing! What a nightmare you had to go through!
    Wal-mart or any other supermarkets, chains, stores, etc... do know what they're doing spreading things like that to maximize sales... they of course don't care about anything else, they want to SALE!

    As far as obsessions of the like... there was this phase where Rhea (G's niece) HAD to have everything Dora, but I think it has subsided a bit now...

  3. I am so laughing right now, because I am in the same boat. My daughter wants one of those $40 BUZZ Lightyears and I simply can't afford it. But, I swear someone is strategically placing them on odd shelves just so my daughter will see them. Toilet paper isle...oh look mommy here is a BUZZ. What! What is Buzz doing in the TP isle. OMG do these toys really come to life at night and place themselves where parents have to shop. Seriously, I want to get the BUZZ but dang, that is 4 hours of work pay, just to buy the thing. Ok rant over. Laughed at your post, now I feel better.