Saturday, July 24, 2010

Favorites Friday: Family & Love.

So... Its been about a week now since I started missing my babies... and I wont see them again until August 19th... still a LONG way to go... but Im sure all you will be appreciative when you see how caught up i get :) And see how much newness gets listed... it will be amazing :) But in the mean time... spending all day home alone when Im used to total choas is making me a little lonely... So this weeks theme... family & Love.

#1: DreamingTreeCreation - I carry your heart pendant
#2: MillyLillyRose - Somer Honey
#3: AsherJasper - Needlefelted Sleepy Mama & Baby
#4: PaperPrayers - Mexed Media Home is where Our Heart is
#5: Opart - Lone Parent 10x8 Signed Print
#6: WrenWillow - Owl Family Organic Onesie
#7: Lara514 - Family Chronicles 10 pages Paper Bag Album
#8: MichelleVerbeeck - Leather Cuff Bracelet
#9: APaperBuffet - Infinite Love

1 comment:

  1. i love how you say 'only a week'....betcha started missing them after the first 3 minutes :)

    so how come the little guys are away so long? what's a mommy to do with herself?! haha :) seriously though- i'd be lost in that situation!

    i am LOVING the elephant painting! AND the owl outfit.

    by the way, missy....did you get my convo on etsy?