Friday, January 08, 2010

Favorites Friday: Rainbows!

This week - before I was even able to ask, we had a special request for rainbows... so rainbows it is... i mean who am i to turn that down? Besides... Izzaq is always asking if we can get in the car and go see rainbows... i always explain that we have to wait for it to rain... well - this way we wont have to... ;)

click to enlarge :)

p.s. im REALLY proud of how cute this one turned out!!

1: Glamasaurus - Lego Earrings
2: RockerByeBaby - The most rad customer photo ever - featuring Chloe with her Head Trip blanket :)
3: Aphidesigns - Skull & Mushroom Rainbow Fabric covered magnets
4: Glittersniffer - Handsdown... the best make up I have ever had... and yes - im obsessed, lol
5: RaeGun - Rainbow Sherbert -ruffle diaper
6:ImaginationKids - Wooden Rainbow Stacker
7: SmallThreads - Fancy Pants toddler undies
8: MTCoffinz - Full length Formal Rainbow TuTu
9: TheTattooedSkull - Rainbow Skulls Tote/Book bag


  1. Yay for rainbows now we all need unicorns to ride on and spread glitter on the world with! Thanks for including my lego earrings.

  2. Perfectly full of colour for this dreary friday! :D

  3. I LOVE that diaper!!

    OMG...I LOVE this theme!!!! **giddy**

  4. I am kinda loving the rainbow goodness. A LOT. and if I had publisher on my computer still, I'd straight up be stealing this idea and doing some friday faves of my own. lol.

  5. Awesome theme!! Rainbow colours are amazing!
    I love my Glittersniffer rainbow of pigments too!!