Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New promo goodies and i LOVE them.

Vista print had a HUGEEEE sale...and I took advantage to say the least... I got 200 new postcards... 50 magnets... 2 huge car magnet... 500 business cards and more.... so I had to come here and share with my excitement. These postcards are seriously the cutest things EVER... there was a free option for a design on the back in black and white... and hubby had the GENIUS idea of putting one of my fav photos on it... and im SO glad I did... the photo was taken by my girl Beki at Beki Dawn Photography and it was perfect, already even in black and white! The quality came out great... and it REALLY adds to the postcards... from now on these will definitely be a staple in the RockerByeBaby promo packs :)

What do ya think!?


  1. LOVE them!! The post cards are fantastic looking!! I love vista prints I just ordered my cards from them a few days ago but they're where my first set of business cards came from and I like their return labels too.

  2. I love it, love it, love it, love it!!

    They're all awesome girl! I love the new look of the cards & logo, and how awesome the cards & postcards look!

  3. I am sucker for postcards... All our tahnk you notes, xmas cards, etc. are postcards :) Plues the pic is super cute!