Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursdays Tunes: Cadillac Blindside - True and Cold

Hey guys! This week at the top of the charts!? Cadillac Blindside... Zaq's old band... im feeling a little nostalgic today... you may not know this... but I actually married a rock star ;)  They were on Fueled By Ramen  and toured with favorites such as The Lawrence Arms, Motion City Soundtrack, At the Drive In, Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music and Dashboard Confessional... Theyre even in Wikipedia! Oh how I wish i knew him back then... or maybe i dont... haha im not sure... but i sure as hell love him as he is now... He has traded in the life on the road for a life with screaming fans to a life at home for dinner with two toddlers... screaming "daddy! daddy! your home!" the second he walks in the door... I hope he is as happy about that decision as i am... ;) Love you baby... you'll always be a rockstar in our eyes :)

Cadillac Blindside - True And Cold

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believe me, your time has come to walk away. you didn't need me, except for your own punching bag. you can't convince me, that you changed yourself all around. how could you use me, to cover your own failures now? maybe if you died, i could live a little more. there'd be no teary eyes, just a body on the floor. wish i could see your face lifeless, cold, and blue. your epitaph might say, "i was never there for you". you didn't take time to accept changes in my life. oh how time flies, digs a hole like a rusty knife. and the infection, seeps through veins of family. a new direction, it found the cure inside of me.


  1. Aww you guys are so sweet!
    Sometimes I wish Hud didn't do the band thing when he's not home much, but then I love that he does too ;) .. They're touring with Lawrence Arms next month, and I still get all fan girl excited when I get to go and hang out at shows when he's touring with bands that I love haha!